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To Anton. [OPEN FREQ]

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Ladybug    94

*Shepard sighs, drinking from his flask after a long day of searching for his missing brother. He pulls out his radio, making the call over many frequencies until he gets a response.*

"Anton- Sven. Whatever the hell you're goin' by now, where the FUCK have you been...? Things are changin' an' we don't want you gettin' left behind. Where are you, Brother? We're family right? All of us. We need to talk. Only you and me, you pick the location. We're still a family. You're still my brother."

*He releases the PTT, awaiting for his brother's response.*

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Grimnir    584

*Anton hears Shepard's message and reaches for his radio, annoyed about the interruption, he pushes the PTT button down and speaks*

Hey, brother.

Well, I should have told you where I went, but I didn't... sorry for that.

*He sighs.*

Of course I would like to meet you, but "Only you and me" meetings are never going well for me.

*He looks over at the car battery laying on a table still wired to brassknuckles.*

You should still have my private frequency, contact me there if you want to know any details.

*He releases the PTT button.*

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