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Doc Holiday

Pagans [Private Frequency]

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*John sits down in his house in Hangman's Drop. He takes a swig of whiskey before pulling out his notepad to a list of current events. He then tunes into 33.6hz on his old radio. He pauses and thinks for a few moments before holding down the PTT*

Heya brothers! How you been?

Just joking, I don't care. I'm here to give you lot news and that's it.

*He begins reading off of his list*

Right, where are we....   There! Right, so little Ritchy appears to have cancer or something like that. Don't worry, I ain't Hope, so I ain't got any chemo bags. What I can offer you though is some herbal shit that should take the edge off the pain. Not sting or purple, but some stuff that does you some good.

*Continues to flip through the pages*

Number two, here we go. Back to the actual business, I made a bunch of sting and purple if you boys wanna collect. I ain't got a use for it anymore and I'll be damned if I let that prick C.J. get his hands on it. So yeah, you want it, tell me where and when.

*Scratches his head and looks through the notes before finding what he was looking for*

Er...  there where is it? Ah there it is! So, onto the serious and important shit. About what you did to Elena. I'll be honest with you, I don't care too much about her, this shit happens. But what I do care about is how badly it'll fuck with Ryan in the head. So I'll tell you this now, and it ain't got anything to do with Anton or Ellie, but if you do anything to Ryan, and  I mean so much as tap the guy on the shoulder, I'll hang every single one of you 'brothers' from the hangin' tree.

*He sighs*

Consider that last one a warning. Don't do anything stupid, it would be a waste for my old brothers to get themselves killed over a little altercation.

*He releases the PTT and ticks the boxes alongside his tasks*

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*Chuckling, he turns his head to his brothers in the woods.* "Looks like we need to use another frequency from now on, brothers." *He puts the radio closer to his mouth and presses the PTT.*

"Johnny, Johnny, little Johnny. Remember when you used to have ya helmet?" *He chuckles.* "Fun times... Those were fun times... But now, these are no fun times, "brother". We ain't receivin' no so-called sting, no purple, no poisonous fuckin' herbs from you. There ain't no business, what-so-fuckin'-ever. Got me?"

*He pauses.*

"Ryan's as big'a snake as any. A slithery snake with big, powerful friends. And snakes need beheading. This is suicide and we fuckin' know it, but if you wish to hang me you'll *He starts yelling the following words,* have to come and fuckin' get me, pal'!"

*Dustin is about to throw the radio into a tree, but stops himself and slams it into the ground instead, luckily not breaking it.*

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*Anton hears the arguing between Johnny and Dusty on his radio while laying next to Ellie. He rolls his eyes before rolling over and grabbing the radio, pushing down the PTT button to transmitt.*

Alright kids, daddy is here to tell you to finally shut the fuck up.

*He chuckles.*

Look, VP *He spits the word out like its an insult.* I told your bossman yesterday that we are not interested in wasting our time and energy on fighting a war with you. 

*Ellie can be heard in the background laughing.*

At least some of us.

*Anton speaks again.*

Yeah well... We two don't really, so what about you take your whining somewhere else, both of you. We all know that the Pagans aren't business and if you all want CJ to get the purple I will make sure he gets it. 

So have a great fucking night and go fuck yourselves.

*He tosses the radio towards his backpack next to the bed and the transmission ends.*

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*The radio may be a little damaged, but Dustin can recognise Anton's voice no matter how messed up it is. He picks it up, presses the PTT. He sounds rather confused, as well as frustrated.*

"Who the flyin' fuck is CJ?"

*He lets go of the PTT.*

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*Damien listens to the transmission closely, and decides to intervene*

Eh, Johnny and Anton... Johnny and Anton....

You both understand how the club works... We'll do anything to protect it and anything for our brothers. 

*Damien pauses*

Ritch is dyin' as you know. He does realize it's from his stupidity, the H, purple, smokes, crack, and you already fuckin' know. But we're keepin' him alive. He's our brother.... A loyal one.

*Damien pauses*

The greenies have that kid that got cancer, right? As we know, he got some sort of treatment. We need that fuckin' treatment, for Ritchie. Now the whole thing with the greenies that happened, heh. That was retaliation when that Mack bastard had his fun with Joe, us helpin' them and getting nothin' in return. Doesn't matter who, when, where, as you both know, retaliation is needed. Tensions were high, it was a matter of who acted first, and the club vote was executed.

*Damien looks away in belief of sadness, resumes to transmit*

We understand that this might not end well. We do. But this is who we are, who we live to be. We may all die, yes, but as you know it's going to be one hell of a fuckin' fight to a Pagan down. If the club shall fall, it shall fall. But we will die by our brothers' side and for the club.


Go ahead, make all of the empty threats you want. But I'll tell ya, we are defendin' ourselves at all costs. For the club, and brothers'. War's happenin' there aint no denying it. It's just the matter of who's gonna be uninvolved to avoid bloodshed, or who wants to be a god damn hero.

*Damien ends the transmission, cleaning the knife he used to stab Elena in the stomach with.*

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*Anton gets out of the bed after he realises, that he won't be able to sleep without answering. As he gets up he is about to slam a knife in a nearby table but stops in the last second, nearly waking up Ellie. He grabs his radio and pushes the PTT button down.*

Who's “threats“ are you calling empty, Damien? 

You of all people should know that they aren't. If you still don't believe me ask Danny what happend to the guy that crucfied him.

*He sighs.*

Anyways, this wasn't a threat... It was a promise. 

I don't need worthless patches to be able to retalliate if you start shit with us, so don't.

*He puts the radio down on the table right next to the knife and gets back in his bed, putting a pistol under his pillow.*

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*Damien listens to Anton's transmission, sighs, and begins to transmit.*

That's none of the club's business, nor do we care. What we care about is here and now.

*Damien pauses*

As I've stated.... War's happenin' there ain't no denying it. It's just the matter of who's gonna be uninvolved to avoid bloodshed, or who wants to be a god damn hero. The shit that's goin' on between us and the greenies, shouldn't be any of your business, but somehow is... 

*Damien pauses*

Now to remain uninvolved or vote for bloodshed, that's you and the others' call. It's all about choices. Is this war worth risking, you, Johnny, Ellie, or your peoples lives? If you need time to think, so be it. Whatever your choice is, so be it.

*Damien ends the transmission, looks off in the distance with a crazed glare and says to himself "Can't go back, Ryan... Can't go back."*

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*As soon as he woke up , Johnny informed him about Damien's message. He knew that his answer would most likely wake up everyone in town, so he made his way towards the nearby woods. About to push the PTT button he hears a roaring and as he turns around a infected starts running towards him. In anger he empties his entire mag into the infected's body after killing it, what remains is ony the shredded body and a blood drenched Anton crushing it's head under his steelcap boots. He breathes heavily and his heartbeat is still echoing in his head like war drums. He sits down at a tree and starts transmitting, still shaking of the adrenaline in his blood he sounds exhausted.*


*He breathes heavily.*

First you tell me it's not my business....

*His voice gets harsher.*

Then you threaten Ellie, me, Johnny, our people....

*He starts laughing.*

You must be joking right....

*His tone changes , now nearly yelling in anger at his radio.*

If you little MOTHERFUCKER think that I will just take that you are a FUCKING retard. 

If I ever hear you threatening anyone of us again I will drown you in the blood of the weaklings you insult as your brothers. I will hang your little whore from a meathook, flay her alive and rip out her entrails. 

 Never ever even think about talking about my people again.

You think you are a though guy.... you think what you did to Elena was bad... NO YOU AREN'T, NO IT WASN'T.

*Anton throws the radio to the ground and the transmission ends.* 

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[align=justify]*Damien awakes from inside the clubhouse from a Prospect informing him of the latest news in the town of Guglovo. The Prospect also informs Damien that there has been no recent broadcast from Prospect Jonas since his last transmission of the Guglovo peoples plans for Emma Reed. Damien begins to transmit*

[align=justify]Soooo... Anton... I've noticed you've decided. *Damien laughs*

[align=justify]You know, I'd expect for yourself of anybody in that shithole to be more wary of the ones around you. That freely walk through the same streets that you walk in, where you sleep, where Johnny sleeps, where Ellie sleeps. 

[align=justify]*Damien laughs again*

[align=justify]I haven't heard from one of the Prospects I've sent, eh Jonas I think his name was? Eh, maybe you can help with that one. Before I sent him, he learned that all of us as you know, live and fuckin' die for the club... Our actual brothers... He may have been more dedicated than I thought he was after I preached.


[align=justify]I haven't heard from him in a few days, I'm assuming he was toyed with and killed. You know, before I stopped hearing from him, he was tellin' me about somethings, or uh, plans, discussed for Emma... Probably got heated over that and thought he'd die a hero or a brother.


[align=justify]I mean, I'm still tryin' to think of why you'd want war and bloodshed as the shit that happened with Elena don't concern or pose a threat to any of you in Guglovo. But now... Now you're getting personal. I heard it all, all your plans for Emma. 

[align=justify]*Becomes angry, but begins to become more serious*

[align=justify]Anton, you've chosen bloodshed. You were once a brother, a friend, and now instead of crackin' skulls side by side, we're gonna be crackin' eachothers skulls. Heh...


[align=justify]With all of your plans about all of us and Emma... That is a good thing to bring up. What if it happens to Ellie? You? Or someone you love? Never be so sure, Anton, that's one mistake that as you say "fucking retards" make. Maybe you should be extra nice to your people in that town. Considering of the others you don't know wondering about, 'cause you never know! *snaps fingers once* just like that... Their last day of living. Be kind to each other. Goodbye, Anton.

[align=justify]*Damien ends the transmission*

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*After waiting a while Anton sits down at a table, next to him a radio and a bottle with blood, taken from the captured Pagan. He realises it would be a good idea to answer and so he pushes down the PTT button. His voice is calm and without any anger or other emotion.*

Why, do you think that I am the one who captured him? Yes it was in Guglovo, but do you want to know why he was captured by Iceman?

Simple, he told Josh he enjoyed seeing Elena suffer.

*A sigh can be heard.*

I know it might be hard for you to understand, but doing this is not a good idea. Even someone like me knows that and you should aswell.

*He pauses for a second.*

Well, Damien, I can only advise you to get better spys. Do I want to talk to Emma? Yes. 

Do you know why?

It is because you and me know she will be caught in the crossfire, something she won't survive. I want to tell her to get as far away as possible from the Pagans before anything escalates.

*He sighs.*

We both know I have my demons, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't want her blood on my hands. I know what you think, after the last message. Well, I have to say I might have overreacted, but you just did the same.

*He chuckles.*

Look, there are enough people after you already.

I am offering you neutrality between us, this is a one time offer. Take it or leave it.

*He lights a cigarette.*

Outrun are on good terms with us, so they will most likely hang around around our town. If they meet you I can't save you nor can I safe your brothers. 

*He starts laughing.*

Funny, isn't it? In the end we are all the same, trying to protect the ones we care for...

I was told you are a fan of second chances, so here is your second chance. 

Let me know your decision soon, I have to know if your threats towards Ellie are serious before I meet Emma.

If i don't hear anything from you or your brothers before we meet next time, I assume those threats are serious.

*He releases the PTT button and grabs the bottle holding it up against the light and waits for a response.

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*Damien listens to the transmission, rallies all of his brothers, initiates a club vote, and comes to a conclusion of their diplomacy with Anton and his people. Damien transmits*

Neutrality it is, Anton. We stay out of each others way, provide mutual respect, and there won't be any bloodshed. Now, I think we can both agree if there's any disrespect or aggression on either side towards each other, bloodshed will happen. Now, I'll call out my Prospects out of your town... But they will be outside the town keepin' tabs on greenies and greenies only. Glad eh, we won't be crackin' eachothers skulls, eh? See you around, Anton.

*Damien ends the transmission*

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