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Message to Dr. Hope [Private Frequency]

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*Damien wipes Elena King's blood off of his steel boot at the clubhouse. He picks up the radio, and begins to transmit*

Eh, doctor lady.... Doctor Hope.... *Pauses*

Some shit happened with the greenies, Outrun. Our brother, Ritchie, is dyin', Hope. He's dying. *Damien looks away, begins to transmit once more*

He's coughin' up a lot of blood, gettin' more and more tired. We thought maybe the greenies would help us, maybe give a little treatment from the kid in exchange for some goodies.

*Damien pauses, begins to act more serious successfully*

They denied it, 'cause they couldn't afford to share. Things got heated between Ryan and Dusty, and a fight broke out. Big fight.... A fuckin' Pagan brawl... Alot of the greenies got hurt from the brawl, and are turnin' to fightin' with guns.


Well whatever happens, I suggest to remain uninvolved to avoid bloodshed, and another possible business arrangement as the greenies left our brother Ritch to die with no god damn thought for others, supposed friends of the club. You'd think they'd have some uhhh, consideration since that fuckin' kid is dyin'. But uh, anyways, a treatment or somethin' to help him out. Anythin', and we'll exchange somethin' for this treatment.


I'll be a'waitin'.

*Damien ends the transmission, a proceeds in cleaning himself up from assisting in the torture of Elena at the clubhouse.*

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