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To all traders and scavengers [Open Frequency]

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J. stands near the fireplace with his friend K., after a long chat J. reaches at his vest and takes out the radio. He presses the PTT button and lets out a message.

"Hello there, I am Jay, this is a message to all traders and scavengers out there. I am willing to trade what you need for what I need. Currently I am looking for the fallowing items: a smersh backpack, a combat knife, any good books but more interested in the Holy Bible and a gun holster. If you happen to have any of the items mentioned, I am willing to trade for what you might need, ammo, weapons, food, water and even vehicles, yes working vehicles, you name it! Just let me know and hope to hear from someone soon..."

J. releases the PTT button and places the radio into his vest, he takes out a pen and a book from his backpack and starts to fill out some notes while chatting with his friend K..

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While Kylo tries to cram all a couple of shirts in his backpack that he found in that military barrack he hears the radio go off. He listens to it with just half a ear. After he closes his bag he grabs his radio and presses the PTT.

Hi there ... J. Happens to be that I'm a guy who likes to hide in the shadows and run through these lands and find anything that's useful to us. Call me a hoarder, a collector, a hunter, a scrounger or a scavenger. Call me what you want but fact is that I've been roaming the land for quite a while now.

He slings his backpack over his shoulder onto his back and notices the heavy weight of it. He continues to talk.

You are however asking for things that are very scarce. I have only seen a handful of those items, finding these requires either a lot of skill, a lot of luck or just a lot of stupidity. Because as you might have been able to tell those things you're asking for are pretty heavy duty military grade pieces. You'd have to venture into dangerous areas with a lot of bad things that can happen. Are you sure you want to risk your life for all of this? Just for a pointy stick?

Kylo reaches his hand to his back and feels around his bag with a blind eye, trying to search for something until he runs his index finger past a sharp blade.

I'm not sending this broadcast just to discourage you... I do have one of the items you are looking for though, if that makes you happy at all. I'm happy to meet you where we can discuss this in person. Is there a place where you reside? Taking you're a trader as well you have a fixed place where you stay? I will keep my radio on for a couple hours every day hoping to get your message back. For now I wish you a safe travel!

Kylo hangs his radio back on his bag and moves with a steady pace out of this military base.

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J. hears the radio and quickly takes it out of his vest to hear the radio transmission. After hearing Kylo's transmission he presses the PTT button and lets out a message.

"Good to hear from you brother. Before we talk about meeting I would like to know what is the item you have for me and what could I offer you in return?" 

J. releases th e PTT button and awaits for a new transmission. 

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