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I need a logo

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Hello everyone,

You may or may not know me but I've been here for just under a year, anyway you may know my character flare, or mabey the gentlemans club. 

To the point - I am in need of a logo for a blog that i am looking to create... so that's where the talented designers of dayzrp come from. I am requesting that some of you lovely people could create me a logo, the requirements are below, this would be used at the header of my site. 

Once again i appreciate the great talent of the community and trust you could come up with something great! please pm me logos i will release the best ones in a week!


Text = Ryan Blogs

Size = there is no defined size however large-scale always works best.

Format = i have the full adobe suite but i prefer illustrator

Other = the blog will be aimed at diy, reviews, travel / adventure and a shit load of other stuff so be creative.

Thankyou :)

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There is already a thread for showing graphics artists (here) which you can request a logo from.

A quick search of the forums for media would've led you straight to threads similar to this.

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