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Moody o7

To Oliver Fox [Private Frequency]

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*John unbuckles the strap holding the radio in place on his shoulder, takes it and presses the PTT"

"Hey Oliver, it's me John Moody."

*Pauses to gather his thoughts before continuing*

"There's this girl at Camp Hope looking for you and wanting to talk. That's all I have old friend, contact me on this frequency if you are interested."

*John releases the PTT and puts the radio back in its place on his shoulder*

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*Oliver sighs and presses the PTT*

Ah yes probably Summer. I'm guessing she's quite upset and it's understandable. If only she knew why I did what I did and how much I have gone through to protect her and that community. 

*his voice gets shakey*

I will honor the request to meet with her but I want an assurance that I won't be walking in to my own funeral. 

*he releases the PTT*

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*John begins to shake while he grabs his radio lying on the ground before picking it up and pressing the PTT*

"Hey, Oliver. I will do my utmost to protect you, but I cannot say the same for the others there. And just one thing, I need to know what happened."

*John stops and begins to feel his pulse to see if he's even alive anymore after witnessing some events today*

 "My friend Matt, found Summer about to kill herself. And I had to run back to get her closer friends to help stop her."

".....I need to know Oliver, I'm stuck in a dark fight with myself. I don't know if I can trust you, but you are still my friend. I just need the truth."

*John releases the PTT, and begins to worry about what the future holds*

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