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Comedy [Open Freq]

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*Dente would hold down his PTT, shaking his head as he cleared his throat to speak*

"Er, evening.. Everyone.. I uh, have a good question for you all."

*He spoke with a stone best described as dull, maybe even flat.*

"So.. lets begin then.. Now whats a frogs favorite drink?"

*Began counting five seconds in his head, all the while holding down the PTT before speaking once more* 

"Croka cola."

*With a soft chuckle to himslef and a gentle shake of his own head he took a deep breath and finished his transmission.*

"See you tomorrow."

*Then he finally cut out, not expecting many replies but felt like he should try his best to lighten the mood, hell maybe he'd make someones day.*

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*Nicholas hears the transmission, cringes and then responds*

Well, just when I thought I'd heard everything on the radio. Thanks for that joke. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go kill myself.

*Nicholas drops the radio on the sidewalk and continues to walk*

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*Ami shakes her head with a smile before responding*

"This guy is talking with his kid, he says 'Son if you don't stop masturbating you're going to go blind.'

The kid says 'Dad I'm over here.'"

*she chuckles and sets her radio aside.*

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*Oliver grins and shakes his head he presses the PTT*

These jokes are honestly terrible... You know who has some really good jokes? A big group of clowns! 

*He laughs so hard he coughs and releases the PTT*

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*Kelsie grins as she hears Dente speaking. She brings the radio up to her face, snickering before she presses the PTT*

"Nice to see you decided to bring your puns to the radio"

*She chuckles*

"Keep it up man, I'm looking forward to seeing you around again Dente, alright? Stay safe man."

*She smiles as she releases the PTT, hooking her radio back to her belt as she leans her head back against Austin*

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*Austin hearing the jokes and Kelsie's reply he takes the radio from her holding down the ptt*

"I swear to god Dente. You are a nice guy but you really do make me want to blow my brains out. Please no more skeleton jokes or any of that shit. ughhh."

*An audible thudding sound can be heard as Kelsie tells Austin to stop banging his head against the wall in frustration at the jokes. The radio then cuts off*

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*Matt hears the mans terrible jokes through Bella's radio he takes the radio off her and holds down the PTT*

"Hahahahaha, nice joke mate."

*He continues to laugh*

"You know what a better joke would be."

*He screams into the radio*

"If you fucking kill yourself!"

*He throws the radio back to Bella and starts laughing uncontrollably*

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*Dente found himslef grinning from ear to ear all day from the responses he got all day, hitting his PTT and speaking once more*

"Evening everyone.. Got something a bit more meaning-full tonight."

*He took a deep breath before he spoke again*

"Well.. Did you guys hear about the fire at the circus?"

*Humming as he waited five seconds*

"No? Man it was in tents"

*Chuckling could be heard as he let go of his PTT leaving the air dead*

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*Kelsie presses down the PTT as she chuckles*

"God damnit Dente. You stay safe yeah? I look forward to your horrible jokes."

*She snickers before she releases the PTT*

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Hope hears one of Dente's Terrible-But-Laughable jokes. She laughs quite a bit whilst she transmits.

"I think I hear Drag leaving the country."

She bursts out into a fit of laughters knowing there was a lot more to comex

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*after hearing the joke, Richard wondered whether suicide is the right option as he peeks down the barrel of his revolver and clicks his PTT.*

God dammit, no more please.. these fucking puns are worse than getting tortured.

*he clicks the PTT once more, praying for forgiveness with a slight smile on his face.*

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*Dente found himslef for the third time mumbling into his radio, but his tone tonight was diffrent, more empathetic almost like he just finished an argument and was upset over his words.*

"Uh.. Hi, guys."

*Took a deep breath and laughed softly*

"So uh.. Why didn't the cannible eat the comedian?" 

*Began his usual counting of five seconds before sighing and speaking* 

"He was o-... H-he uh.. tasted funny."

*Immediately relases his ptt, barley making a sound*

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*Cotter hears the joke and begins to transmit*

"Your jokes aren't the best boy"

*He stutters*

"But your company on the samsquatch hunt was much appreciated"

"Don't change for nobody"


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*Nicholas overhears the radio from across the table. He chuckles a bit and gets up off the couch to reply*

Alright, that one got me this time. You got potential Mr. Dente, if I'm saying it right. Ever considered starting a comedy club in Kabinino? I'm sure it will be all peaceful with people doing standup and no one shooting at each other. 

But in all seriousness, hit me up sometime and maybe we can work something out. 

*He tosses the radio to the other end of the couch and lays back down, finishing his book*

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Hope chuckles at the jokes before thinking on of her own.

"I thought you were going to do the..."

Mimics a different voice.

"What road did the crazy person take?"

Another mimiced voice.

"I don't know.... What?"

She replies in the first mimicked voice.

"The psychopath."

She slowly facepalm, realising that was a bad joke.

"God.... How do you even continue with these jokes Dente..."

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*Soon Dente found himslef holding his radio once more, pressing his PTT and taking a deep breath he announced his presence with a nice and happy tone.*

"Yo.. Uh, good one tonight, I promise."

*Smiled to himslef, nodding and speaking once more*

"Alright, alright.. So what do you call a zoo with one dog in it?"

*Did his normal thing, counting five seconds to give people time to guess.*

"Heh.. A shihtzu"

*Found himslef even chuckling, shaking his head and leaving with a closing statement*

"I'll be here all week folk, have a nice night."

*Releasing his PTT*

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