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Veronica? [Open]

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Just arrived back in Freeport, Jack sits in his office, looking over notes he had taken that day. He takes a break from his work and picks up his radio

"Veronica, its Jack. I may have more information that you need for your little...project. Ya know, what we talked about. If you're going to do it let me know. Hope that bottle isn't empty yet"


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*Veronica checks that her assult rifle is cleaned to her liking. happy with her work she raises her radio speaking in her irish accent*

Jack im not sure if your contacting me boyo but i dont know a jack and the only man i told my plan to wouldnt tell me his name well of course that could because of my little scotch escapade wait where you one of the lads who talked me into fallowing them back to their town?

*She sets down her radio and starts to count the rounds she has for her rifle while listening for her radio*

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