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Stary Sobor traders [Open Frequency]

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*Nick spends the night on a small tend in a forest while thinking his associates  from the Trader in Stary Sobor

with this in mind he presses  the PTT*

Ryan ... Brad .... Harry .... Eric .... Sam .... Where the hell are you guys? What happen to you all in my two months absence ?

Have you moved the shop somewhere else? And most of all are you guys alive ? i searched and asked every where about you and no one knows a thing. I also met people that known us and they also doesnt know your fate ...

*Static is heard in the transmission for some secs, Nick releases the PTT (Static ends) and after 5 secs he presses the PTT again but this time his voice seems a bit agonized*

Please guys ... be alive

*Nick releases the PTT and tries to get some rest*

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*Ryan wakes up to the broadcast on his radio. Surprised to hear Nick's voice he pushes himself out of bed and leaves the room quietly, closing the door behind him. He stands in the hallway and holds the PTT*

Holy fuckin shit

*he chuckles*

I thought you were dead Nick... Jesus Christ trading, haven't thought about that in months

A lots changed, my private frequency is completely different, I got myself married. I'm running a group now, Outrun...

*he sighs*

I'm pretty sure Brad's dead... Haven't seen Harry since he went off with his new "employment"... Sam and Eric have been quiet for months, ever since the raid on our fuckin camp

*he tries to change the subject away from his dead friends, rubbing the back of his head*

I'm sure I will see you soon Nick, I'm in the usual towns. Wearing a beige t-shit and green armband... I got rid of the tracksuit 

*he chuckles*

Stay safe pal, see you around

*he releases the PTT and sighs, remembering when he used to run the store in Stary and all the shit he's done since then. Attempting to take it out of his mind he quickly takes a swig of whiskey before returning to bed*

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*AS Nick is about to fall asleep he hears Ryan voice in the radio and quickly get his radio and presses the PTT*

Ryan ?! Holy shit lad . I am so glad to know you are alive

*He pauses briefly and is overtaken by rage due to the fact what has happened to brad*

Jesus Brad is gone?... Damn it all !

*Takes a deep breath and exhales*

So essentially Brad is dead and the rest of the team is missing . I due hope they are safe . Anyways my old friend we will meet at a moment eventually. Until that moment try and remain safe with whatever you are doing .

*Nick releases the PTT and he takes out a cigarette and starts smoking it while thinking what happen in his time of absence *

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