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Ryan Carter

Message to Bryan Oneill (Private Freq.)

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*Siting In his tree stand with his hunting riffle and presses PTT*

               After what happened back at that city and you findin me I hit the woods and found a tree stand to think in hit me up when you and

              Don Figure out our course of action. Also If there is anything I need to know tell me before I head out lookin for people. Don't know if family is

               still  alive  now that you found  me  I  don't  know  anymore.  If  you  need  to  find  me  look  at  were  we  went  hunting  before  this  god

                for saken mess.

             *Goes back to looking in the woods for a doe or a buck*

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*Bryan would have his sights trained on a deer in the woods and is about to take the shot when Jessy's voice breaks out over the radio.

This spooks the deer which then runs off, Bryan curses to himself and then lifts up his radio and presses the PTT to respond to his friend.*

Glad you got out of the city alright Jessy, infected were crawling all over the damn place... I know the place you're talking about,

once I am done here I'll come find you pal. Stay safe... *He then whispers to himself* Now I just have to find that god damn deer..

*Bryan releases the PTT and slowly puts away his radio before noticing movement further in the forest, he then gets back to the hunt.*

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