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A Message For Aaron (Private Frequency)

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*Jo goes through her bag and pulls out her radio. She tunes it to the frequency that her and Aaron had agreed on. She thinks of what to say, then pushes the PTT*

"Aaron... are you there?"

*Her voice jitters, like she is scared*

"I need a word with you. Alone. No Clowns, no Outrun members, just us two"

*She begins poking her left arm, expecting to feel something*

"The last few days have been shit, I just need to know that I can trust someone again. If you want to meet me, go to the place we discussed then we will speak more"

*Jo releases the PTT and puts the radio by her side, awaiting a response*

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*Aaron Smiles at the familiar voice and replies*

Hello there! Its nice to hear from you

*Laughs above the sounds of a man screaming*

please ignore the background noise id love to meet with you, I am a little tied up right now well not as much as this guy

*laughs slightly at his joke*

As soon as im cleaned up here ill meet you alone as requested

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