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To Bobby(open)

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*In irish man which an accent resembling but only mildly, a pirate, speaks in a hurried and excited tone*

So.. Big fat Bobby decides to fucken disappear without tellin me...

I tink someone said you told us on the radio but i dont remember man, ive met a few folks who said yer still kicking, and the trident boys are back in business. 

*Silence for a second as he looks at his own trident on his hand.*

Well. Bobby if you and yer little german and southern man are still walking about, find me in the airfield or something alright.

Hope ya didnt forget yer pal Patchy

*He sets the radio down next to him as he sits in the ATC tower awaiting a response*

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*The mid-western man, while searching through the frequencies, hears a familiar voice. He decides to reply.* 

"Is that really you?"

*He pauses.* 

"Don't know where Elias went, he's probably dead. But we're back in business. If you want to meet, use the old frequency or find a more secure one, then I'll give you a location."

*He releases the PTT button and ends the message.*

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