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"Worthless" [Open]

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*Niko looks down at his arm with the word "worthless" carved into it, he rolls his sleeve back down and pulls a magnum out of his holster*

"Fox...i'm sorry."

"I know I messed up, and you made me never forget that...

...but I-i'm just human r-r-right?

"Anyways Fox i'll miss you, don't get into too much trouble."

*Niko grips the magnum tighter bringing it closer to his head*

*he lets out a sigh* "I've caused too much pain to my friends, they are getting killed because of me.

"Niko doesn't know what to do anymore."

*He then rolls his sleeve up and examines the initials "OD" on his wrist*

"For the short time I have known you Otto you have been a very good friend, *thinks about when Otto hit Alex in the head and chuckles* good times friend, Niko will miss you."

"Also Scottie, *he starts tearing up* I want you to hold on to that little plane forever and don't let anyone take it from you!"

"I'll be watching over you Scottie, please be careful there is a lot of dangerous people out there."

"But...this is my time."

*Niko remembers a song he heard on the radio not too long ago, he sings it*

"This little light of mine...

"I'm gonna let it shine...

"Let it shine, let it shine...

"I'm gonna let it shi-"

*The transmission is cut short as you hear a magnum shot echo through the woods* 

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*Fox jumps up when she hears Niko's voice on the radio. She tries to get out of the bed as fast as possible to reach the radio on the table but her leg won't let her get up. She screams in pain when she finally gets up and goes over to grab the radio. Right as she grabs it she hears the Magnum shot. She freezes for a moment and starts staring into nothing while the radio falls on the ground. Realising that one of her best friends has just killed himself, she glenches her fists and slowly sits down by the table. She breaks out in tears, blaming herself for what she just heard.  She then picks up the radio again and switches the frequency to the one she was talking to Bryan on.*

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*Sitting in a broken down truck, Stranger hears the shot over the radio*

What the fuck!

Niko I swear to god this better be a fucking joke...

* After Throwing his apple into a near by bush, he throws his radio in Anger*

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*at the moment Niko talks about him and the OD initials carved in his wrist, he looks at his own wrist, staring at the NH initials for some seconds, when suddenly the Magnum shot makes he to accidentally drop the radio* *he quickly falls into a state of despair when he decides to quickly grab a radio and send a message*

You better be joking Niko... *says this with a tone of like if he was to start crying at any moment*

*turns off the radio and exits the house he was resting at by the main door running through the street while putting on his jacket*

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Blackwood's local shrink, Wesley Teller, listens in and sighs heavily from up in his office. He reaches for the radio and begins to broadcast.

"This is Wes, Niko's shrink..."

"It may not be much, but as always I'm available if any of you need me."

"My doors will be open to all who want support in the wake of his passing."

Wes finishes transmitting and pulls out a sheet of paper that's already been written on. At the top is Niko's name with notes written in ink underneath it.

He pulls out a pen and neatly draws a line through Niko's name before filing it into a separate drawer from his other notes.

"Poor kid..."

He turns off his radio for the night.

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*Andy listens in on the chatter and feels a pang of sorrow*

We'll be sure to have a moment of silence for this fellah, rest in peace.

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Wes fumbles at his radio with slightly bloodstained hands. Turning it on and transmitting into the dark yet busy night.

"Well... Good news... He's not dead."

"My neighbor Jay practically dragged him into my office. Niko is ...'ok'. Stable, but in pain. He's sleeping nearby my office."

"The wound didn't seem too serious. He's incredibly lucky. At whoever's earliest convenience tomorrow, please take him to a medical doctor to have the stitches looked at."

"Fox. See me tomorrow as well. Please and thank you."

Wes finishes transmitting, turning his radio back off before face-planting into his bed with an audible thump and creak of springs to those in the area.

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