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Going away [Open]

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Darren gets up from his tree and then holds down the PTT button on his radio.

"Ahem... So, if anyone is listening then I thought I'd tell you that I'm going away for a few days. I'm gonna go travel n' stuff... Getting a bit bored of Chernarus and all the people 'hunting' me. Spooky. Anyway, I leave you with this.... uh... hmm"

He takes out his MP3 player and selects a random song, he wraps duct tape around the PTT button and then plays the song.


"Have fun getting shot, ladies and gentlemen. Bye Felix, Bobby, Fox, Iris, Brutus, Stranger... uhh... Ryan, Josh... and uh... all the idiots."

Darren puts the radio and the MP3 player in his bag and begins his journey.

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*Brutus is surprised to hear his name being mentioned, he pushes his PTT*

Smart, hoping the heat on you dies down, hopefully you won't die on this trip of yours.

Are you trying to find yourself or some kinda hippy shit. Hopefully you will misplace that mask of yours.

Maybe Ill see you around.

*Releases the PTT*

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*Fox gets a bit excited when hearing Darren's voice but her face turns blank when she hears he is leaving. She carefully grabs her radio and pushes the PTT*

Hm, hm, hm.

Was about damn time.

Okay, seriously. Stay safe whereever you go.

*She sighs and mumbles to herself before releasing the PTT*

Good fucking choice.

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*Ryan takes his radio from his vest pocket and holds the PTT*

You're a fucking idiot Darren

Don't be a fucking idiot wherever you go, you should be fine

*he releases the PTT and chuckles to himself before sliding the radio back into his vest pocket*

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*Felix hears the transmission and picks up his radio, pressing down the PTT button*

Ah! Maybe I'll get a few days of peace then! 

*He smiles to himself, then continues*

But seriously mate, stay safe and we'll be here for your return. Enjoy yourself...

*He pauses before releasing the PTT button and slipping his radio back into his vest*

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As Darren walks back into Chernarus, he pulls out his radio and holds down the PTT

"I'm back."

He lets go of the PTT, he's said enough... kinda.

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