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A Message to LIFE [Open Frequency]

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*Jamie massages his chest gently with a wet rag and relaxes a little bit and grabs his radio and pushes the PTT button*

"I don't really know how to start this considering what's going on.. But er, this is Jamie from Outrun".

*He holds the radio to his chest as it continues to burn and begin to go into a dull pain* 

"I've got a little bit of an issue with my chest here, this scar.. Don't really know what's up with it. And.."

*He sighs thinking he won't get a response from them considering the situation*

"I'm getting a bit worried cos it's never properly healed and it's been flaring up for a bit and I'm, kinda hoping, if I can pop round the camp? Kinda don't wanna turn up and get turned away you know? Anyway.. Just..."

*He sighs again and groans in pain as he releases the PTT button, placing the radio back in his Jacket as he puts it back on*

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