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A message to Pavel(The Heist Team Private Freq - 65.4FM)

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* Frankie sits down in a lone house in the middle of Stary. He then looks at his newly acquired blowtorch... He then lifts it and walks outside and puts it in the back of his off-road... He then pulls out his radio and presses the PPT Button * 

" Pavel, are you in this frequency, you better be you stupid fuck... I've got us a blowtorch, it's in the back of the car... All we need now are the masks, because I think that fuckin' bank is a stronghold now or something and I don't want my face to be fuckin' ID'D..... It's going to be good... The loot is as good as our's mat... "

* You may notice the shouting of some people in the background * 

" Oi, you noisy bastard's shut the fuck up... Anyway, get back to me on this frequency... Our fackin' loot's still in that fackin' vault... We've got all the gear now, we can pull this off lad, I'll contact the rest of the team now... Stay safe brotha "

* Frankie releases the PPT Button * 

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*Sam would be walking through the forests near Myshkino. He notices Frankie's voice on the radio and presses the PPT Button. Whilst speaking, its clear he has a strong lisp.*

"Oi, Frankie its Sam. Where the fuck are ya? I've been out preparing for this shit for a long time now. Im ready for it though boys im tellin ya. Tell me a place and a time to meet when you lot are ready. In a bit boys."

*Sam releases the PPT Button, and starts to get a jog on but stops in his tracks again, pressing the PPT Button again.*

"Oh and one last thing. Dont forget anything this time... Dont want us fucking up like last time."

                                                                              *Sam releases the PPT Button, getting a jog on again*

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*Pavel's radio bursts to life with Frankie's message. He takes his radio out of his pocket and he holds the PTT*


*he chuckles*

You finally found the fuckin blowtorch... only took you 10 years

*he walks across the room, thinking for a moment*

Get the rest of the team on the radio, and we can discuss details

*he releases the PTT and goes back to cleaning the AK on the table in front of him*

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* Frankie hears the boys on the radio and grins to himself, then presses the PPT * 

" Alright boys, we've got the plan all sorted... We all know what's in that fucking bank, a bunch of stuff... Guns, Money, Porn Mags... The lot... Make sure you lot are ready for when I contact you, because we're doing this shit soon, Pavel.. Do you have some rifle's.... Some shooters? "

* Frankie releases the PPT Button * 

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*Pavel takes the radio from the table again and holds the PTT*


*he chuckles, mocking Frankie's voice* 


*he laughs again before going back to the radio*

I will speak to Strelok, the gun runner. I think he still has some rifles lying around that he can spare

*Pavel releases the PTT and places the radio back on the table*

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*Pavel returns to his house just outside of berezino and drops his 2 new AKs on the table. He takes out his radio and switches the frequency, holding the PTT*

My friends 

I have recently come across a new... contract

This contract is paying up already, 2 fully loaded kalashnikov's from those doctors

*he coughs violently before continuing*

Give me a couple of weeks to work on this contract and we can get going... maybe you can do some work yourself while I'm busy eh?

*he releases the PTT and drops the radio on the table. Taking the first rifle and beginning to disassemble and clean it*

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*Frankie wake's up in his home wide awake... He heard Pavel's radio message the other night but ignored it because he could not be bothered to reply, He then walk's outside to see his off-road and checks the trunk to find the blow-torch and a few rifles... He then realises that this isn't enough of for the rest of the team, he then pulls out his third radio and presses the PTT* 

" Pavel, sorry for not replying mate... I've been busy with a few birds haven't I lad... Anyway.. You said you had two Kalashnikov's... What've I told you about using them shitty Russian words lad... it's pronounced shooter mate... Fuuuuuckin' hell. 

I've devised a checklist mate... Of the shit we're going to need to pull off the job... All of the old shit's in there, the money, the porno's, I've even got wind that there may be some gold in an old PO Box office three miles away from the bank...

*He walks back into the home and looks down at the map of St.Petersburg*

" * He mumbles * Right so, the bank's over there... The PO Box office is over there, the boarder is there... Right... So... *He starts speaking normally* Pavel, I've got the map together... I think Sam know's that bank inside and out, and to be honest so should we... So... I've got us a checklist here Pavel *He pulls out a notepad* 

" Five Assault rifles 

One Sniper rifle

Six Binoculars 

One blowtorch 

A SHIT ton of fuel for the car

A lot of 5.56 ammunition 

Sniper rifle ammunition "

Respond soon mate, I need to check this shit off the list... 

*Frankie releases the PTT*

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*Sam picks up the radio, hearing Frankie's voice in his reply to Pavel. He dries his hands, obviously having finished up

with something. He presses the PPT button*

"Alright boys? Sorry I didnt reply earlier, some geezer was havin' me on and havin' a laugh about my lisp. Sorted the poor sod out now. Anyways, the checklist. Assault rifles shouldn't be too hard so thats not a main priority. Already have some ammunition for some fuckin sniper so I suppose I'll get to finding that rifle and more ammo then.

*Sam looks down at the ditch he just dug. Nodding to himself.*

"I'll contact you boys when I've got all of it."

*Sam releases the PTT button*

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*Pavel shakes his head as he hears the two idiots on the radio, wondering why the fuck he decided to do a bank robbery with English thugs. He takes out the radio and flicks on the PTT*

And how much of this shit have you collected Frankie... useless cunt

2 "shooters" are ready to go, will keep them at my place until we start this

And why the fuck do we need a blowtorch? Thought you said you had one

*he releases the PTT and awaits a reply*

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*Frankie presses the PTT Button* 

" You stupid fuck, I already have a blowtorch... I have a few thing's ticked off.... And Sam, we all know that you use that lisp as an excuse to put bullets into people lad... 

I think we need a few more men anyways... I know a few people from when that whole RedX situation happened... You two know anyone? "

*Frankie releases the PTT* 

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*Sam stops in his tracks taking a shortcut through a forest. He looks around for a moment before pressing the PTT button*

I dont know fuck all people around here, Frankie. And I wasn't there for when you and your nut job mates were hunting those kids down up north so I'll leave the recruitin' to you lot."

*He goes in his bag, checking if the sniper ammo is still there*

"In a bit, lads"

*Sam releases the PTT button*

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*Pavel takes the radio and holds the PTT*

I got a few people actually Frankie... like I say I've been doing work while you have been on your ass

Alright where do I start

Strelok, used to run guns for me back when I did smaller jobs in Russia. He should be able to help us collect the "shooters" you need. I gave him the frequency a couple of days ago

Alex, he was with me when we ran with them RedX fucks. Just before one of them put a bullet in me. He has this frequency as well

And Zubov, an old friend of mine I found recently in the country. I still haven't given him the frequency but i'm sure he will be up for it

So there's 3 people, how about you put some work in yourself Frankie... and you Sam, get your shit together

*he releases the PTT and adjusts the frequency on his radio, contacting Zubov to tell him the plan and frequency*

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*Frankie having enough of waiting to go and get his stuff back, punches a window through, shattering it.. Luckily he is wearing gloves and was not harmed... He then grabs a knife and start's stabbing the curtains screaming " I WANT MY STUFF BACK " repeatedly... He then calms down and presses the PPT * 

" Right boy's... we need to make a plan we can all agree on... So.. Plan A:

At 7:00 Myself, Pavel and Sam move into the bank, checking it for any infected

At 7:30 two other people move into the bank, leaving one person outside just incase shit goes pearshaped 

At around 8:00 The vault should be blown open.. Wait... * Add's C4 Explosive to the list *

At 8:10 We move into the vault, bagging up all of the loot 

At 9:00 we all RV at the truck... And drive away with the loot secured 

Now, that's what we're going up there to get... If we fancy it we can go over to the PO Box's three miles away...

What d'ya think lads?

*Frankie releases the PTT* 

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*Zubov adjusts his tracksuit , holdinh the ductaped radio in his hands , pressing down the PTT button*

Da. Sound good, but where we get truck?

*He leans back against the wooden chair , pumping his shotgun once, and releases the PTT*

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*Sam would be taking a break from searching for the needed items. He whistles to himself, sitting in front of a lake when he hears Frankie on the radio. He presses the PTT button* 

"Sounds alright, Frankie. You're the mastermind behind this heist.. fuck knows how. Anyway, I hope its as easy as you're making it sound. Especially after how it was last time, fucks sake.

*Skims stones across the lake, thinking if anything else is needed to be said.*

"And Frank, I hope you're helping out with gatherinG this shit instead of sitting on your ass talking on the radio. Get going son."

*Sam releases the PTT button*

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*Pavel holds the PTT*

Sounds good Frankie, as long as you pull your weight and collect some of the shit on that list of yours

I will continue with this contract for now

*He releases the PTT and grabs his rifle, heading out to check the nearby town*

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*Frankie presses the PTT Button* 


*Frankie releases the PTT Button* 

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*Pavel chuckles and holds the PTT*

This is Zubov... you wanted people, I've got you people

He knows as much as I know, which is fuck all

*he releases the PTT*

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*Frankie looks through the military tent and finds a nice C4 explosive and a phone next to it... After looking through the phone's contact list he see's a number and it says " Call me for boom".... He then grins to himself and pulls out his radio and presses the PTT Button*

" Oi oi boy's, It's your boy Frank here back on the radio... So you'll never guess what I found.... Only some exploding shit with a detonator... Ey boys hold on listen... I've found somethin' else n all

* You may head a grenade be thrown and blow up * 

" Oh shit... "

* Static * 

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*Pavel bursts open the door with his crowbar and grins, looking at the multiple fuel cans stockpiled in the room. He takes his radio from his back pocket and holds the PTT*


I have found fuel... a lot of fuel, I will move it back to my place until we have the meeting location

*he pauses*

Any luck with any of the other shit?

*he releases the PTT and goes into the room, checking which fuel cans are full and moving them to the doorway*

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*Alex is counting his stock in his cabin located in the woods. He looks at the frequency Pavel gave him and holds down the PTT*

Ok boys, I hope you can hear this. I have, what is the word...  located? Yes, "located" the binoculars that you seek. Don't worry, these are good old Soviet ones, so I am sure they will last us.

As for the, er, "Shooters" as you put it, I have a little stash that might have some, belonged to an old gun runner who frequented Russia. I might need some help looking...

*He releases the PTT before re-counting the number of binoculars and checking for scratches*

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*Frankie listen's to Pavel and The New Guy on the radio and grins to himself... Then presses the PTT button* 

" Nice to hear you've been recruiting again Pavel, I hope this guy know's what he's getting into.. What's your name lad?

Anyway, we've got most of the gear now boys.. Does anyone have any questions before we set a date? "

*Frankie releases the PPT Button* 

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