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To Outrun (Private Frequency)

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*Jo sits in the building, trying to figure out how things fucked up so bad. She grabs the broken radio from out of her bag and presses the PTT. Through the static, words can be heard*

"... help...... inju.... shot..... Carter..... Frie...... Robbed....... Armband"

*Out of frustration, she throws her broken radio across the room making it shatter against the wall. She then starts looking through the house for a new radio*

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*Jo is rummaging through the drawers of an abandoned house for supplies when she finds a working radio. She puts the batteries in the radio that she had picked up from the scraps of her old radio and puts it in, tuning to the frequency and pushing the PTT*

"Hello... I don't know if this radio works, but its Jo. I need help. I have no clue where I am, somewhere up north I presume. I was trying to help someone, he got shot too."

*She pauses, trying to remember the boy's name*

"His name was Carter I think. I am not that good with names. If you come across him and he is still alive, take care of him. he was shot too. The poor lad looked scared, he just needed someone to help him.

*she grunts in pain and holds her unresponsive left arm*

"I will try and make my way back as soon as I get myself patched up. Hope I don't get shot at again before I can make it to you guys."

*she lets go off the PTT and puts the radio in her bag. She continues to look for canned food in the drawers of the house*

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*Ryan is lying in bed, letting the bullet wound in his leg heal when he hears Jo over the radio. He grabs the radio from the side and holds the PTT*

I recognise the name Carter, I think he has been around camp... hes alright

*He looks up to Elena as she walks in, smiling at her*

Glad to hear you are still okay Jo. I would head up and help you but I took a bullet the other day and apparently I need rest

*he sighs*

Anything you need though, just radio me

*He releases the PTT and lies back. He puts his arms behind his head and sighs, tired of being stuck in bed*

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