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Ryan Robertson [Private]

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Hope constantly looks at her arm, realising over and over again that Black was never going to change for the better, she takes her radio. She stares at the black plastic box for a while before holding down the push to talk.

"Ryan I don't know if you can hear me, or even want to talk to me in that matter..."

She pauses, deciding whether or not this is a good idea, leaving him to reply to see if he even has interest...

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*Ryan wakes up to the sound of Hope's voice on the radio. He groans and sits up from the couch he had been sleeping on, remembering that he had not made it home the night before. He picks up his radio and holds the PTT*

Ye.. yeah i'm listening, what is it?

*He releases the PTT and pushes himself off the couch, limping across the room to his bag on the floor*

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Hope sighs a little in relief. Almost feeling like their bond was becoming a bit stronger than before. She lifts the radio from her lap with her right hand, using it for a moment to unravel the bandages to replace with fresh ones, looking at the bullet hole in her arm. She clenches her jaw, trying not to be angry, she accidentally bites her tongue.

"Well... When Black shot me he sounded more concerned that angry... Didn't even attempt to shoot or take the chemo bags which you have now..."

She pauses, sucking her tongue to numb the pinching pain.

"I think he still trusts me, if I can have a small meeting with him asking the obvious questions and regain his trust I may be able to get my men, the pagans and yourself to hold him up. Then you can have Black but I want to be there. He said he wanted to change, he wanted redemption and help but all he did was go back to his old ways. I had a feeling he'd do so. He's... So full of BS...."

She grits her teeth sighing.

"But I'm wanting to know.... Are you just going to treat me like a criminal after all you have said and done? I mean I can't blame you for being angry. But was it really necessary? And if you or Josh or anyone do not want to talk to me again, fine. But I ask a simple request of you to never mention Stefanie again."

She places her radio down, pouring the fresh water from the well on her arm, gently washing it. Letting the water drip onto the medical floor.

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*Ryan sighs as he hears Hope talk, taking out Mack's notebook and flicking through the pages. He still saw Hope as the reason Mack died, but he needed to think about the future. He grits his teeth and holds the PTT*

What's done is done, no going back from it now

*he rubs the back of his head*

Get me Mr Black and maybe Josh will forgive you, can't speak for anyone else though

*He releases the PTT button and continues flicking through Mack's notebook*

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Hope softly replies, showing some sort of compassion.

"Maybe you can give Josh the frequency. I think I know what I'm expecting from him though. Up to you."

She sits down, still wishing for the glass of Merlot Victor promised her.

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*After talking to Josh on the radio Ryan switches the frequencies and holds the PTT*

I've given Josh the frequency, his decision to make if he wants to respond... not mine

*He rubs his eyes, now sitting on the edge of the couch*

And i'm sorry for what I said, for what its worth... Just kinda wish you would've shown some forgiveness to Mack and Jake, deep down you know they didn't deserve it

*He releases the PTT button and gets up, planning to leave the house and limp back to his house to meet Elena*

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Hope sounds a little depressed.

"Honestly? Everyday of my life I regret it. I wish I could be more forgiving but..."

She puts the radio down quickly pinching her bridge of her nose.

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*As he walks up the road to dolina, moving the radio from his right to his left hand and back, repeatingly, listening to the past recordings on the frequency, he presses down the button*

Hope... I don't know if you know but you used to be one of the most important people to me

*His voice still weak from the sickness he only just got over, he continues*

You broke my trust. Made me realise that you would trust anyone to get your own way.

*He pauses for a minute, kicking a stone into the grass next to him*

Do you realise that trust is something precious? Something that should never be broken. Never.

*He sighs*

I don't know if I can forgive you. 

*A tear rolls down his cheek*

You broke my heart.

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Hope raises her head, hearing Josh broken on the radio as she takes her radio she talks gently.

"Josh I understand that you're upset, but I don't trust anyone to get my own way. It's more complicated than that. I'd say trust me but that'd be a bit to ironic. I'd never do anything to hurt you. I haven't forgot what Black did to me or any of you. My plan was a lot deeper than trust and forgiveness against that villain of a man."

She sighs, rubbing her face before continuing to talk.

"It was a lot more complicated than that. You don't have to forgive me if you don't want, you've done nothing wrong. It was my fault that my plan wasn't thought through as much as I thought. But just focus on getting better, OK? I know that trust is one of the priorities in this world and my actions spoke a lot louder than my words. I can't keep justifying myself. But..."

She clears her throat.

"...Something I always follow is... Why lie and follow a story and lose track of it until you tell the truth... When you could tell the truth in the first place."

She rubs her chest, her left arm stiff in movement.

"You've done nothing wrong.... And Ryan, you're forgiven."

She puts her radio on the table going into the stock room.

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