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René [Private frequency] 54.1hz

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*Ollie's eyes slowly open and close, he quietly mumbles something to himself followed by a lengthy yawn. He gently lifts himself up out of bed, putting a pair of blue jeans on grabbing a his radio and his packet of cigarettes. He walks outside and takes a seat on his bench gazing  out over the lake listening to the morning birds as he lights a cigarette, he holds the radio in his right hand. He takes a drag from his cigarette, blowing it onto the radio as he holds down the PTT beginning to talk in a croaky voice*

"René, It's Ollie, We were in Akrasia together and after then we've trave-"

*He cuts himself off and pauses before thinking*

"forget it, you know who I am, why else would I have this frequency"

*Ollie takes another drag, blowing the smoke off to the right, coughing*

"Last time we spoke you were cut up by that bitch and your husband was missing, do you have any good news, how have you been? How's the scar? Did you find Brian?"

*He let's go of the PTT sighing deeply, he looks up towards the lake again taking a big gulp holding the PTT back down to talk*

"Just let me know how you've been doing, maybe we can meet up, it's about time I see an old friend"

*Ollie stands up letting go of the PTT, he walks over the the pond, taking one final drag of his cigarette, throwing the bud into the lake, he lightly chuckles and heads back into the log cabin he is staying at* 

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While sitting at her favorite lake near the Aifield, she hear's the cracking sound of her radio.

Quickly she grabs her backpack, searching for the radio she stole from a stupid guy just two days ago.


*she kinda screams into the radio*

"Where have you been?"

*she pauses a second to find the right words, fearing someone might could hear her, looking around before before she continues*

"I am ok. I have not heard of him and I think it is time to move on. I dont think he will come back and I start to care less."

*her voice seems cold, no emotion and she quickly changes the topic*

"I have met many people the last of days.

Boooooooring to be honest."

*again, she looks around before talking*

"Some people are really stupid and they tell you a lot....like you know, stuff about them and their friends."

*she giggles a bit*

"Where have you been? Are you ok? Have you met anyone?"

*she looks at the C carved into her ringfinger and continues on the radio*

"I might need your help if you are up for that...I need to get rid of something... like cutting something and someone out of my life..."

*her voice sounds concentrated and strong*

René places the radio next to her. She starts to pack her stuff together.

She combs her hair and binding a pigtail before putting on her beani and facemask.

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*Ollie's radio sits on his desk, he jumps up as it bursts into life, he smiles as he listens to Rene's voice transmit through his radio, glad she is alive. When she is done he picks up his radio, holding down the PTT*

"I have been south east, near the coast, got a little place down here, pretty quiet actually, I have pleasant log cabin and I live right next to a lake, so that's always handy"

*He chuckles lightly as he walks over to his rocking chair, taking a seat*

"Move on? I take it he made no effort to contact you then?"

*He pauses, taking a big gulp. choosing his words carefully*

"I'd hate to assume the worst René, but if you feel like moving on, then you should, there nothing worse thinking about the person you love doing something else, I had to deal with that, cut the ties before you let yourself get to deep."

*He reluctantly keeps speaking*

"I can help you cut them."

*Ollie bursts out laughing changing the mood in his voice instantly*

"Me? meet anyone here? you must me joking, the only moving thing I have seen in the time of two days is a few squirrels running around"

*Ollie looks over at the sealed gunshot wound in his lower right abdomen, he nods talking into his radio, with a confident voice*

"I'm doing fine, just a couple mishaps, I'll get in touch with a place we can meet, we'll talk there and discuss how I can help you"

*His tone lightens as he whispers into the radio*

"Stay safe René, please"

*Getting up from his chair he walks back over to the desk, dropping the radio onto his pile of sketches with a thud, he walks over to his wardrobe ripping his red and black striped T-shirt out off the hanger, pulling it down over his head*

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Sitting in the dark next to church in some town she tries to make the radio work again.

"Ollie? Are you there? Can you hear me?"

*she sighs and takes a deep breath*

*She mutters to hersel*f

"Hopefully this shit works now"

"Let's meet! Tell me where I have to go, please"

*she sounds tired and frustrated*

"Ollie?! Please. Answer me!"

Confused she looks around as she hears a creature near by.

"Oh shit Ollie. I need to go"

*she whispers*

Slowly and quiet she searches a way out of the town.


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Having trouble finding sleep after the events today, René searches quietly through her bag, taking out her radio. Carefully she stands up and walks out of the shed where she, Jaro and Alex where sleeping in.

Walking a little bit up hill, she sits down, leaning her back against a tree.

She looks at the radio in her hand and takes a deep breath before she presses the button down.

"Hey you! ...It's Liz... It's René...."  She inhales deeply.

"It was good to see you alive...it is good that the others are good too."  She pauses for a second before she continues.

"I would love to...you know, I would love to know what happened in the meantime and have a nice chat with you...somewhere safe..but..."  She sighs and takes a deep breath again.

"I know it is a long time ago now since we talked...Still, I consider you as my friend.

If...If I would need your help...If WE would need help...do you think you...the guys...

Would you listen to me...would you hear me out?"

She looks up to the shed and exhales.

She places the radio next to her while pulling her legs close. Pressing them against her chest, she wraps her arms around her knees and waits.

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*Ollie props himself up on a rock and starts rolling his sleeves up, he walks down beside the pond and runs his hand through the water and grins to himself, he listens in to the radio and pulls it out of his pocket, he holds down the PTT and begins to speak*

"Hello you, I take it you found the frequency then" 

*He pauses and smile for a second, he'd take a deep breath and continue to speak*

"It was nice meeting you yesterday René, glad to see you're still alive. I was worried when I didn't hear from you for that long.."

*He'd reach into his jacket pocket and pull out a beaten up packet of cigarettes, he pulls one out placing it behind his ear for later*

"I'd like to catch up with you and have a chat over a smoke or something, it's been time and you're still a friend of mine, as for the other I'd have to ask. Some old faces and some new faces. I personally will do what I can to help, you have my frequency for anything. You know what we're like the boys don't turn down to many gun fights"

*Ollie smirks*

"So yeah, If I don't see you on the road in the new few days, we'll organize somewhere to meet and have a real chat"

"take care René, best wishes to your friends too"

*He lets go of the PTT and puts the cigarette between his lips*


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*He'd look over to Cory and smile and he holds down the PTT*

"Hey René, it's Ollie"

*He'd pause*

"After talking to the guys we'd be willing to help you out when needed, I respect you and your friends however we're only willing to help you out personally with your troubles for old times sake, we can't go around shooting people for people we don't really know, maybe once we get to know them, who knows"

*Ollie winks at Cory and flings over a fedora like a Frisbee and chuckles as Cory catches it*

"Hopefully you understand and when you hear this tell me when and where I can meet you, I'm interested in what you're up to now a days.

"Take care as always"

*He'd set down the radio and warm his hands up on a freshly lit fire*

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René holds up the radio so Jaro can hear it. She smiles hearing Ollie's voice. She nods at him, presses the button and starts to talk.

"Hey Ollie...who said something about shooting people?" She giggles a bit and continues.

"All I want is to talk and ask for opinions and then maybe your help. I wont force you or the guys to do anything you wont do just because we are friends. Just listen to what I have to say and then you guys can decide, how does that sound?"

She nods towards Jaro and inhales.

"I would like to bring my man with me, Jaro...is that ok?"

She stops the transmission and looks at Jaro, smiling.

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5 minutes ago, Terra said:


*He'd reach one hand down to pick up his radio and keep the other over the fire to keep warm*

"Sounds good to me, I'll be alone but you're more then welcome to bring Jaro. I'll hear you out and listen to what you have to say, hope I can help you in some way René"

*He lets go of the PTT and nudges Cory*

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She smiles again and speaks without thinking, holding down the button, looking at Jaro.

"Thank you so much Ollie. I was sure I can count on you! I look forward meeting you again and I will let you know more as soon I can."

She makes a kissing sound before she let go of the button and starts to giggle.

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René leans on the wall, sitting on the wooden floor. She looks at Jaro and nods while pressing the button on the radio.

"Hey it's me, René." She pauses a second before she continues.

"Do you have time to meet up today to talk maybe? It has been while." She giggles a bit and goes on.

"Let me know, ok?"

She places the radio to the side and moves over to Jaro, placing her head on his lap to rest a bit.

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*Ollie yawns as he quickly removes the radio from his jacket pocket, he holds it in one hand as he holds down the PTT*

"Sounds good, I can meet you tonight. Not much going on as it is.

*He pauses*

Just let me know a time and a place and I'll be there, might bring a few boys if that's alright"

*He yawns as he looks over towards Mr. Black and grins, he lets go of the PTT and chuckles*

"Alright there danny boy"

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