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To all my friends and family [Private frequency]

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*he presses the PTT and lets out a sigh*

I'm gonna take my leave...i need time to sort myself out...

*there is a long pause*

I love you guys..all the things you have done for me...but i'm not abandoning you i'll always be there 

it's just things are complicated at the moment...

*the sounds of zombies can be heard faintly through the radio*

I have to go. I'll be on my private frequency if you need me...

*you can hear the radio hit the ground and the sound of foot steps running away as the sound of  the Zombies increases*

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*Dalton holds down the PTT*

"It's better for you, Larry. Safer, too. I'm here for you, same with Lyca. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

*Dalton releases the PTT*

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