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I'm sorry, I'll find you. (Open Frequency)

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*Oscar lays in an abandoned house in Vybor, curled up in a disused bed that smells of old antiques and damp, using a piece of rope, an axe and ducktape to create a trap, he has set up a welcome present for any unwanted visitors during the night*

*Oscar reaches into his backpack that is on the floor and thinks for a second on how he's going to word his message, knowing full well that he could be painting a target on himself as he does it.*

*Oscar hits the PTT*

"This is a message to a girl called Summer, an English girl that came to this god-forsaken place on a boat a few weeks ago, I am sorry for what happened to you earlier, and I am glad you came out unharmed, and I am sorry you had to experience that. I didn't want to be that harsh on you, but I had to give you the hard, cold truth. This place, is dangerous.

*Oscar releases PTT and pauses for a second, as he hears a noise outside the door ...*

*After 10 Seconds*

*Oscar pushes the PTT*

"Summer, if you can hear this - please reach out to me, my name is Oscar Coates, you can contact me on 32.8, I'd like to talk to you, I hope that we can tal-"

*the voice stops, a few seconds of static on the open frequency - the message stops *

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*Carter weakly reaches over to his radio after hearing the broadcast. He slowly sits up from the cot and gingerly holds down the PTT button with his burnt hand and replies with faint and slightly slurred words while wincing in pain.*

"I know that voice. Listen buddy, you can beat me, burn me, maim me, even kill me, but you will not lay a finger on that girl."

*There is a pause as he groans a bit in pain.* 

"Summer if you hear this, do not contact this man. I don't want to see you get hurt or kidnapped.*

*Carter lets go of the PTT button and puts the radio down.*

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*Kirill walks on a dirt road when he hears the radio message. He decides to reply with a smile on his face.*

A deep dark raspy voice can be heard.

Didn't knew that you are still alive. Seems like Roger has another one to look for... Anyway, if you want to catch up on things, give me a call.

*He releases the PTT and continues to walk down the road.*

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*Summer hears the message and pauses as she realises the voice she can hear is a voice that had caused her so much fear and pain over the last 24 hours. She contemplates the warning that she should not respond but dismisses it and starts to respond*

Her voice quiet and stuttering as she speaks

"I do not know why you want so speak to me *She pauses* But you are the one who hurt the only person in this world i care about and you... you want me to talk to you? *she stops again trying to keep herself together* I do not know why you did what you did and i can only think you had your reasons but it is hard to see the good in a man capable of taking part in such actions, do not try to contact me again"


*She breathes heavily for a moment muttering a tune to herself before releasing the PTT button*

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