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Ryan? [Private Frequency]

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*After transmitting his last frequency about Mack, Hope & Mr. Black, Josh lays his head into his hands as he is sat outside of the clinic. He slowly attempts to put on the black raincoat Mack gave him a while ago, struggling to find the strength. After prodding around with the raincoat, he takes a few deep and heavy breaths as he struggles to breathe from the effort. He takes the radio back out of his pocket and pushes down the PTT*

Ryan... Is... Is this all true?

*he gasps*

Mack is dead and so is.. J..Jake? ... Hope hired Black? The man that t...tortured me? The man that... made me wish that I had.. died long ago...

*he grabs a pebble from the ground and smashes it against the window infront of him, shattering it into pieces. He yells from the top of his lungs* 


*he breathes heavily as he bursts out crying, grabbing his beanie with one hand and squeezing it tight, clenching his teeth*

Why... Why did she betray my trust like this? I fucking TRUSTED HER!!

*He lets go off the button and places it next to him, sobbing as he places his head in his hands again, grabbing a hold of his beanie tighter*

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*Ryan hears Josh's radio message and frowns, gripping his radio tighter in his hand as he listens to him crying. He takes the radio and holds the PTT*

Its true Josh

*he sighs, rubbing the back of his head*

I am sorry Josh... I should've told you... I couldn't do anything to save them as much as I tried buddy... Jake... Mack

*he wipes sweat from his forehead*

I will try and get up there to meet you soon Josh, I have just got to deal with some stuff

I understand your hate for Hope, but put that out of your mind for now... You don't need to worry about Mr Black or anyone coming after you, I will handle it... You just focus on getting better

*tears roll down his cheeks. Ryan thinks for a moment, considering dropping everything and being there for Josh even though he can't*

Stay safe buddy, I'm sorry

*he releases the PTT and drops the radio down to one side, unsure of how to feel. He finally picks himself up from the ground and starts walking down the road*

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*Allie shakes her head in disgust as she hears what is being said*

I knew there was something wrong with that doctor.. I always had a feeling about her. Guess I was right..

Josh, just try to relax, Ryan will sort it out. We're all still down here waiting for you for when you're ready to come back. Take care, Joshy.

*She puts her radio away and heads towards Sam to inform him of what happened*

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