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Hello Survivors

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Spook    0

Hi there, new here and hoping ill get to play with you guys soon.

Any medical or rescue groups running? :)

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Dishes    159

Heyyyy welcome! <3 If you have questions feel free to shoot me or any Community Helper a message :3

As far as medical/rescue groups, I'd recommend checking out L.I.F.E. then.

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Ramon    331

Good evening and welcome!

I wish you good luck with your whitelist.

Make sure you read The FAQThe Newcomers Guide and The Lore very good!

I can also recommend you to take a look at the Guides & Tutorials for some tips to get around.

And also take a look at the Realistic use of medicine guide from Sofie.

If you have any questions you are welcome at The Helpdesk '' Waiting For Staff Help '' on TeamSpeak and me or another Community Helper will assist you.

Or you can make a Question Thread. Also don't forget to whitelist for TeamSpeak.

Also make sure you post somewhere in the active forums to activate your account.

( The active forums means all forums besides Introduction forums and all forums under Offtopic category. )

Have fun at DayZRP! :D

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