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Any artists among us? Help.

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Yeah, The title asks it already. (almost)

Not sure if this post belongs here but anyway,

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me out. I was casually surffing through the forums and noticed that everyone has a cool signature. I took a look at mine... and well... RIP. The problem that I have right now is that I'm in the army at the moment and I can't do any amazing photoshop magic and the only way I can right now be a part of the community is by reading the forums and posting something like this so I want to look cool. Y'all understand. Right?

So I'm asking if someone who could be nice, cool, awesome, great and extremelysuperawesomeepic and could make me a signature.

The best I can do here is someting like this:


So help this poor soldier. The only thing I can give you right now is my appreciation and some of those yummy BeanZ!

Thanks already!


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Since you've been linked a megathread to different graphics people, we don't need an entire thread for you looking for a signature. Check out a few of them, and I'm sure you'll get a good one.


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