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To Ian Cobb (Private Frequency)

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*Sam would walk up to the top of the hill and sit down, leaning against an old cobblestone wall. He would pull his radio out of his pocket and start to turn it on* "Please god, let him pick up" *Sam flicks the radio to channel 107.6, and pushes down the PTT button* 

"Ian. This is Sam, I need your help. Recently I've joined Outrun, and well, I've met a few people, my Fiance included. Through Outrun I also met my Fiance's cousin, and her boyfriend. His name is Max. Recently Max told me that they've had a pregnancy scare; she missed her period, and well, they're not sure if she's pregnant or not. I am the only person Max has told, and I swore I would keep it in confidence." *Sam releases the button for a moment, sighs, and then presses it down, continuing his transmission.* "He asked me to contact a doctor, and you're the best doctor I know Ian. Please, come help me. I can give you a location soon, but I can tell you we are near where you performed on Josh. Over."

*Sam sighs and sets the radio down next to him, before looking down at the house a few hundred meters away and smiles as he sees the people that he loves, all around him.*

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Ian trudged through the wet pine forest, walking slowly and scanning around for any signs of movement. The sound the radio suddenly coming to life in the quiet made Ian jump. Gen took out the radio from his vest and now listened to it intently. The familiar voice ringing in giant ear.

"Sam. It's great to hear your voice again. A pregnancy scare you say? Hm."

Ian thought to himself as he leaned against one of the trees, releasing the talk button. He knew quite well where he performed the surgery on the boy and knew what happened after it. The thought of returning made him uneasy. He pushed the button back down and exhaled which made the breath through his mask seem deeper. 

"Yes. I can see her. Is she mobile and is there anywhere...out of the way and secluded...to examine her? Also, fiancé? You sly dog I didn't know or hell its been so long I forgot if you had a fiancé last I saw you."

Ian let out a small breathy chuckle before releasing the button starting to make he walk again through the damp forest

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*Trying his hardest not to wake up Allie, Sam slowly eases himself up off the bed and quickly throws his jeans on. He walks outside and sits on the porch railings, he starts to hum as he pulls a picture of his parents from his chest pocket. Suddenly, Sam's radio, which was in his jeans pockets, comes to life. He grabs it out of his jeans and listens intently as he recognizes Ian's voice. After listening, Sam quickly pushes down the PTT button and starts to talk hoarsely*

"Christ, Ian, I almost wasn't expecting you to pick up its been that long." *Sam lets out a dry laugh* . "Anyway, yes, I have gotten myself engaged in the past few months that I haven't seen you, hopefully I can introduce you to her soon. Anyway." *Sam's tone changes to a more tense one*.  "On a serious note, in regards to Maddie, the one in question. She is mobile, she can walk, talk, jog and shoot. She's mostly worried about her menstrual cycles being a bit whack at the moment. In terms of a more isolated location, I was thinking somewhere east, perhaps near Gorka." *Sam lets out a sigh, before continuing to talk*. "If, by any chance, you happen to have some contraceptive pills, or at least know where some are, we would seriously appreciate it if you could help us out and bring some along. Because if this is just a scare, Maddie said she wants to be a bit more cautious in the future. Thanks for this Ian, I appreciate it a lot mate"

*Sam sets down his radio on the railing and smiles as he realizes he still has the picture in his hand. He jumps off the railing and looks out across the valley as the sun is poking out over the horizon, appreciating the beauty that the country has to offer. He grabs his radio and stuffs it into his jeans hastily, and carefully folds the picture back up, placing it back in his pocket. He opens the door quietly and heads inside* 

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