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.....Nngh..... [Open Frequency]

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Desmond sips from his cracked canteen and unfixes his bow. He cocks the hammer on several pistols...

He brings the radio to his lips.


Letting go of the button, he thinks.

"My name's Desmond. Desmond Krieger."

He lets go of the button. He presses it again.

"The woods out in the west were good... For awhile... I lost a lot of friends of mine... It's been... A long time..."

He lets go of the button again... He pauses

"I ain't stayin' in Chernarus for long..... I just wanted to see if my friends were still out there..... If anyone is out there...."

He lets go of the button again and puts out his last cigarette.

"Anyone even left alive... Anyone...?"

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*Mick writes in his notes*

There are plenty of people out there. Some aren't on the normal side, but they are people nevertheless. Do you mind telling me your experiences? What happened to you out in the world? What are the names of the people that you lost? How many people? Anyway, Nice talking to you, Desmond.

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Desmond hears his radio buzz back. He stops in his tracks amongst the ruined vehicles. He listens to the methodical man, inquiring about his long lost friends.


He thinks back to the many people he's lost. The good friends. Those that he held close, the one girl he held closer than the rest. He remembers what happened in the woods.

"I lost.... I lost what I held closest in the world. Four of my closest friends. And her."

His hand trembles. He stuffs the radio back in his pocket and continues his march, shrugging off the brief exchange of words.

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