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Fuckin' hell.

I met a Doctor the other day. German, some Hans. He told me that he met Black up north in a bar. Gave me the old bastard's jacket, said Black wanted him to ditch it. The maroon bomber jacket, patches and all. Shit, I miss him. I can't believe a girl split us up.

My brothers are gone. In my heart I know that we will be reunited with them all one day, be it in Chernarus, Heaven or Valhalla. But for now, I'm alone. My chest is sore with grief, but I keep my head held high. The fight is just now beginning.

The time has come, the time is right

To join the battle, to join the fight

We must stand together against this lie

I don't wanna see a land when it dies

If you want to die, it's up to you

But to reflect, I will stay true

I am destined to live and die in this land

I will never turn my back and raise my head



I will be here when you return. Ready to fight and die by your side, if need be. Until then, I will prepare. I will make allies. I will secure information, weapons, explosives. We will secure an existence for the white race in Chernarus. A future for our children. We will rule, Sons of Glory.

Gage Sullivan

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