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Mack James [Open]

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*Mandell would sit down on the clinc's steps, looking at the sky. The rain hitting his face masks the tears he's silently shedding*

-Jack would approach Mandell, standing on the other side of the car as he speaks to him-

"You doin' alright, Mandell?"

"Yes, I'm fine, Jack"

*He would slowly limp away from the clinic, down to the cabin next to the well*

"Mack's dead now..."

"I don't know if that was nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be..."

* His voice would break towards the end of the sentence, sobbing afterwards at what he had just done after turning off his radio*

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*Ryan listens to the radio broadcast and frowns, half expecting to hear a message like this soon anyway. He would go to sit down but stop, an outburst of anger causing him to throw the chair across the room. Ryan sits himself down against the wall, tears rolling down his cheeks as he comes to the realisation that the news is most likely true. Unsure of how to react, torn between leading the group and his personal feelings Ryan would take the radio and firmly grip the PTT*

Son of a b....

*he releases the PTT for a couple of seconds, composing himself*

Rest in peace Mack... All I can say is you didn't deserve what happened

*he releases the PTT and throws the radio to one side, angry about how blunt his response was. He picks himself up off the floor and shoves the chair back into its position by his desk, sitting down and taking a bottle of whiskey out of his bag. He takes a large swig of the drink before slamming it back on the table and staring at the wall in front of him*

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*Alan listens in on the transmission. As hears the news of Mack's death, it feels as if a piece of him has been stripped away. He is suddenly filled with a mix of emotions; anger, sadness, and remorse for not being able to do more. His eyes begin to tear up as he searches for the words to say ...I told him... I FUCKING TOLD- He catches himself before he gets too loud, clenching his fist and pushing against the table. He grasps his radio firmly and presses down the PTT, his voice still very shaky.*

Goodbye Mack...you dug a whole too deep...and it turned into your grave

*His voice cracks at the ending of the sentence. He releases the PTT momentarily as he recomposes himself, trying to keep himself from breaking down once more.*

Whoever ended him...I have nothing against you, it seems like he had it coming, but it's still just *he sighs heavily* It still just doesn't seem like it should be real...

*He again pauses momentarily, this time leaving the PTT pressed. He begins pulling out his small Bible from his chest pocket. The rustling of pages can be heard in the background before coming to a stop. Alan once again attempts to compose himself as he speaks*

Greater love has no one than this,

that he lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

Rest in peace Mack, we'll miss you buddy.

*Alan releases the PTT, placing his head in his hands as silent tears stream down his cheeks. An emptiness was now within him, one that he was sure could not be filled.*

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*Dimitri chugs some of his vodka down as he laughs whilst hearing the transmission. Dimitri would then start clapping as Mandell would talk, looking around at the people at the campfire, bumping his fist with Alexander's. Alexander would look back at him laughing, taking a sip from Dimitri's bottle.*

*Dimitri presses his PTT.*

"He had it coming. Don't mess with us, we never wanted to mess with you. He kept asking for forgiveness but dug his hole even more, each time. I guess it fucked you in the end."

*Dimitri stops the transmission.*

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Darren hears the transmission and holds down the PTT

"Am I the last man standing? Is Mack really dead?"

He releases the PTT

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