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Hi guys!

Just thought I'd say hi!

I'm new-ish to DayZ, (Only recently been able to run it) but have played a lot of it back in times of old when it was just a mod for Arma 2

Watched a lot of videos on Youtube of DayZ RP servers and it looked really fun and I'd love to try it!

Hope to play with you all soon! :)

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Welcome buddy if you need anything shoot myself or one of the staff a PM.

Good luck with your whitelist.

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Heyyyyy there! Welcome <3 If you have any questions, feel free to message me or a Community Helper.

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Welcome dude

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Good evening and welcome to DayZRP!

Good luck with your whitelist!

I can recommend you to read The Newcomers GuideThe FAQ and The Lore very good.

Also I can recommend you to take a look at the Guides & Tutorials for some tips to get around.

If you have any questions you are welcome to join The Helpdesk '' Waiting For Staff Help '' on TeamSpeak and me or another Community Helper will assist you.

Or of course you can make a Question Thread. Also don't forget to whitelist for TeamSpeak.

Also make sure you post somewhere in the active forums to activate your account.

( The active forums means all forums besides Introduction forums and all forums under Offtopic category. )

Have fun! ;)

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