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To Jenny (Private frequency)

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*Jonas takes up a cigarette and lights it while thinking about if he did the right choice*

Jenny I'm sorry...  I didn't mean to get you into this kind of shit. I got told that this would involve getting information from people and selling it, not going around shooting people. FUCK!

*Jonas takes a deep puff from the cigarette followed by a pause*

Anyways I don't think people know I was part of this shit yet... anyways if you need any help just contact me and I'll try to do my best, I still blame myself for getting you into this.

I'm sorry...

*Jonas decides to finish his cigarette and puts it out then ending the transmission*

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Jenny smiles hearing his voice. Finally, a person that had not made her week unbearable.

" None of this is your fault, Jonas. You told me what you believed. Mack fooled us all. Don't ever mention their names or Mobius ok? If you get into trouble I can keep you safe. Same goes for Felix. Spread the word.


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Jenny had not been able to get Jonas words out of her head; ´his fault for getting her into this trouble´. It was almost like the man was offering a favour in return to clean his consciousness. Wanting to be one step ahead Jenny tuned back into their private frequency.

“I repeat myself; it was never your fault Jonas. We are not in danger from the Savages and LIFE. I’m not going to do the same mistakes as Mack did and lie about the situation. The old group members of Mobius know more about me than I’m comfortable with. I guess you are familiar with my relationship to Jack Warren… just like everyone else who were present at our meeting. I do not know how bloodthirsty the man is. But knowing his previous self, he might try and get to me through anyone who knows information about my location. Hopefully the old members of the group are more loyal than Mack.”

She sighs heavily before she continues.

“I am telling you this because I need you to trust me and vice versa. I can’t have people backstabbing me. Not in all this mess.”

She ends the transmission.

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*Jonas takes a swig from his canteen before deciding to respond to the message he feels relieved*

Jenny I...

*There's a slight puase*

I don't know what the rest of the group members will do. I hope they will stay quite about what they know about you. They got manipulated and lied to, everyone is kinda shattered right now I guess. I haven't had any contact with them and I don't want to either. One thing is certain though you can trust me, Jenny I still blame myself for getting you into this but what's done is done.

*Jonas turns off his radio and puts in his pocket*

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