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To Outrun [Private Freq.]

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*After sitting up straight in his hospital bed, Josh takes a deep breath and glances at the picture of a New York skyline on the wall. It has dirt all over it. He presses down the button*

H..Hey there guys.. It's me.. I uhm.. I got pretty sick the day before yesterday. Uhm..

*he catches his breath, struggling a little*

I am up north in some clinic I think. Banks brought me here. I don't know what happened but... I got some tube in my chest. 

It's hard to breathe.

Uhm.. Banks said he told you what was wrong with me so I am not gonna go into much *he gasps, catching his breath* Detail about it..

He said I had to stay in the clinic for a week to get better. 

I miss you guys.

*He releases the button and lays back down on his side, staring at the picture a little longer before falling back asleep*

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*Julia is busy seasoning her steaks before cooking them when her radio goes off. She listens to Josh speak and she lets out a sigh. Under her breath, Julia mutters 'this damn kid' and reaches for the radio, depressing the PTT*

"I'm not sure whats going on kid, but it doesn't sound like you're doing to good... How about this, you get all better and when we meet again I'll teach you how to make a bow and shoot one. That sound like fun? Get better and we'll have a little field trip into the woods."

*She releases the PTT and continues to prepare her meal, the thought that Josh might be starting to be nearing the end strong in her mind.*

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- Dropping his backpack against the tent, Charles unclips his radio, pressing down on the PTT button -

I thought these visits were to help you get better, but it just seems you're still.. always sick.. 

I'll make a visit up North soon.. You know I'm not too far away if you ever need me to bring you anything...

- He slides his loose hair back into his beanie, readjusting it -

Hang in there bud.. 

- Charles let's go of the radio, wiping his face with his green armband -

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*Maddie lays there next to max, looking over to him smiling, giving him a cheeky giggle. She picks up the radio from the jacket on the ground and holds down the PTT*

'Hey Josh, it's Maddie here, hope everything is alright, I can't wait to see you again, stay safe brave boy'

*She looks over to Max uneasily before letting go of the PTT, snuggling into his chest falling asleep*

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*Jamie rests up in the bush overlooking the fields and forests listening closely, he eventually presses the PTT button and begins to speak*

"Fucking hell bud, you focus on getting better, hopefully if things settle down I'll make my way up there right? Stay safe kiddo"

*He sighs and looks down at the radio and holds onto it tight, slightly cracking it and slides it into his pocket*

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*An American accented male begins to speak into the radio in response, the voice recognizable as Johnny Serpentine*

"May God bless your heart, soul, mind, and body, Josh. Get well soon, and please stay safe."

*The response and supposed blessing from whatever God he deemed worthy then stops. The individual is no longer transmitting.*

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*Ryan sighs as he sits up, once again unable to sleep. He lifts himself out of his bed and quietly leaves the room and heads outside. He takes his radio from his jeans pocket and switches it to the frequency Josh is broadcasting on before holding the PTT*

Hey buddy, good to hear you are alright... I was getting worried

*he forces a smile*

Not like I need to, you can handle yourself better than I can these days mate

*his smile quickly becomes a frown when he remembers back to the news about Mack and LIFE. He pauses and sighs before continuing*

Everything is going fine over here, everyone is doing ok and the group is running fine. Take as much time as you need to recover buddy, you have earnt it

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his jeans pocket before heading out to check the nearby treeline*

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