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Ryan [Private]

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After changing into something inconspicuous and changing out his AR15 for a hunting rifle, Mack walks up the road from the house he and Jake were hiding out in for the night. He breaks off left, into the forest, and sits by the bottom of a tree, tuning his radio to Ryan Robertson's private frequency and pressing down the PTT.

"Yo. Ryan. Gonna make this quick because I don't know who's listening.

Obviously this clears up any confusion. I've fucked up big-time, Ryan; made a lot of enemies in a very, very short period of time. Need to find out who I've still got left.

Something big is going down within the next few weeks. Something real big. I want to know if you want in.

Say hello to Josh for me."

Mack releases the PTT and sets the radio down beside him, falling quickly to sleep by the base of the tree.

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*Ryan wakes up to Macks voice after falling asleep at his desk. He sits up and groans, knocking the empty bottles to one side and reaching for his radio. He chuckles when he hears Macks voice before returning to a serious tone and holding the PTT*

I didn't think you had done it, you never took me as the sort of guy to give up

*he sighs*

Lotta enemies doesn't bode well with any alliance between our groups... But don't forget that I've got your back, even if it means sticking on a balaclava and not representing Outrun

*he sits up and reaches over for the canteen in his bag*

Stay safe mate... Don't get yourself killed

*he releases the PTT and places the radio back on the desk, taking a swig of water from his canteen*

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