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Vadim [Private Frequency]

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*Fox sits on top of the firestation at the airfield, overwatching the people passing by. She takes a sip out of her canteen and then grabs in her pocket, pulling out the note Vadim left her the other day. She reads it again even tho she can probably repeat every single word written down without looking at it. She sighs and decides to take out her radio to contact Vadim. She pushes the PTT*


I haven't heard anything for a while, I wanted to make sure you are alright.

*She sighs*

I really miss you.

*She tries to not tear up while playing around with the note*

I hope everything is going as planned for you up there.

Do you know how long you have to stay?

*Voices can be heard in the background, some people are arguing. Foxes voice lowers*

I have to go off the radio, there might be bullets flying soon.

*She chuckles while grabbing her gun*

I love you.

*The transmission ends*

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*After returning to a small dim room, Vadim sets his gear down and hears Fox's broadcast. Smiling, he reaches over, grabs his radio, and begins to transmit. Strong rain and thunderstorms can be heard in the background.*

It's so good to hear you voice again Fox.

I've been busy as hell up here, but luckily I have nearly finished what I came to do. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to start heading back in the coming days. Trust me, there's nothing I want to do more than come back to you.

*He pauses for a brief moment as lightning quickly lightens the room*

I feel horrible that I abandoned you after the Renegades disbanded... And by the sound of it you seem to be getting yourself in trouble like always.


I wish I could be there to help.

Have you stayed safe? Or is there anything I need to know? You know that you can tell me anything Fox.

*Vadim slowly releases the PTT and looks outside, awaiting Fox's reply.*

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*Vadim pushes his hair away from his face and looks to a small piece of paper in his hand. After studying the note for a moment, he reaches forward and checks his radio. After confirming the frequency, and sounding slightly different than before, he begins to transmit.*

"Fox? Are you there?"

*He waits for a few minutes, but is met with nothing but silence*

"If you can hear me, I hope to God every thing is ok..."

"I've made my way back to South Zagoria, but this place is completely different from before and I've only managed to recognize one person, Grisha. I can't explain why I've been gone so long on this stupid radio, just know I had no other choice. I don't know if you're ok, or if you even care anymore, but please get back to me."

*He pauses for another brief moment then carries on*

"I have to know you're at least ok."

*He sighs and releases the PTT, ending the transmission*

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*Fox widens her eyes when hearing a familar voice. She grabs her radio and listens to the transmission in disbelief. When the transmission ends, she hesitates to push the PTT but finally decides to. She sounds excited*


I.. I thought you were dead! I haven't heard back from you again after the last time we spoke. I was waiting for you to come back from there but you never did. I was so worried. I'm glad you are okay.

*She pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts and then continues*

I.. uhm. I met someone. Well, you should know him, it's Charlie. That doesn't mean I don't care about you. I do alot. And when I haven't heard from you for months, I told myself to move on. I had a bad time, couldn't sleep, was by my own for a bit to not have to talk to anyone.

*She takes a deep breath*

I'm still around the usual area, let me know if you want to meet up. I would like to see you. If you would still like to see me.
You should know some of the people I am with. Austin, Ollie, Dusty and a few others.

*She releases the PTT and runs her hand through her slightly wet hair. Letting out a sigh, she puts down the radio and leans back against the wall she is sitting on*

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*Vadim, noticeable excited by the sound of Fox's voice, listens to the transmission. When he hears the previously expected comment, he loses some hope, but continues listening. After sitting and thinking about the situation and what to say, he grabs his radio and hols down the PTT*

"I'm umm... glad you've found people to keep you safe and well. I don't really know what to say other than the truth, so here it is."

*He sighs*

"I did some things up north I'm not exactly proud of. In fact, the reason I left and didn't tell you why is because you probably wouldn't have approved. The point is, I'm not really the person you remember, hell god only knows how long it's been since I've had a decent hair cut. Probably don't even look the same. Anyways, I've decided to switch up the ways I pursue other survivors and have picked my company accordingly. Sure, I'm not going to be a bitch and roll over for anyone, but my days of picking fights and killing shit is over for now."

*He scratches his forehead and thinks for a moment, then continues*

"If you're still the person I fell for, and are hanging out with the same people, then you may not approve of that. I don't want to have to ask you to change for someone who left you alone for months, but I would still like to meet in order to talk in person. It would be a hell of a lot easier. I'm still sure of one thing Fox, I care for you and only want what's best for everyone in this situation. The coming situations may call for me to decide the impossible."

"I'll keep an eye out for you in the days to come in the hopes of meeting again, hopefully as soon as possible. Or, if you have a place in mind, I'll be there."

*Vadim, clearly weak, releases the PTT and looks up at the stars, remembering the constellations.*

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*Fox listens to the transmission, not surprised about what Vadim has to say. She waits until he has finished and then presses down the PTT*

Of course I wouldn't have approved. After leaving the renegades I thought it was you and me. And then it was only me, being inbetween people that wanted to see me dead because of the people I surrounded myself with. I lived through hell the first couple days. I almost died. On my birthday. Thanks to Eli I survived.
And your note was the only thing I had left from you, the only thing that gave me hope. I still have it with me. Although it looks pretty fucked up by now.

*She sighs*

What do you mean with.. you have changed..? What happened up there that is so much worse then here?

And.. decide the impossible?

*She pauses for a second, trying to hold her tears back*

I don't know if I have changed. I know that I learned how to survive. And that I do what it takes to survive. No matter what.

*She pauses for another moment. She runs her hand through her hair and looks over the town down the hill she is sitting on. The water next to the town seems to not move, it seems like time stood still for the moment*

I will contact you when I am directly in the Area. You never know if people are listening to this. And well, I'm wanted, so I'm taking no risks.

*She releases the PTT and places the radio next to her in the grass. She looks up at the stars for a while and thinks about the old days before packing her stuff and making her way up north*

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*Fox sits in her bed after cleaning up her rifle, leaning against the wall and staring at the drawing laying next to her. After a couple of minutes, she sighs and gets up to grab her radio. She pulls it out of her backpack, picks up her raincoat from the ground and leaves the house to take a walk. After a while of walking, she stops, looks around and heads into the woods. She stops at a glade, drops the raincoat and the radio on the ground and sits down, listening to the wind in the trees. An hour goes by before she decides to grab her radio. She smiles and presses down the PTT*

Hey Vadim. You remember when you asked me for that beanie? I, uh, found it.

*She chuckles*

Okay, I'm really bad at this. Would you like to meet tomorrow?

*She releases the PTT and drives her left hand through her hair, holding it back so the wind wouldn't blow it in her face again. She keeps sitting there for another couple of minutes before making her way back home*

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*Vadim, asleep in his cabin, wakes up to the sound of his radio and hears the transmission. Amazed and excited, he jumps up, grabs the radio sitting on his gear and presses the PTT*

"Holy shit, I didn't think you'd ever find it."

*He pauses for a moment and looks out the window, smiling*

"Just give me a time and place and I'll be there.*

*He quickly releases the PTT and sets his radio down again*

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