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My new findings {OPEN}

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Dr F takes out his ancient communication device and begins to transmit 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce my new biological findings on the infection as well as... other things.

I have been hard at work preforming medical experim- I mean research on patients, and finally some of it paid off.

You suddenly hear a loud bang, almost like someone has kicked down a door, followed by someone speaking with a deep scottish accent

"Get the fuck up, you lousy cuntbag"

Dr F stands up in utter fear for his life as he sees his master in the doorway

"You fucked up Pavel, you fucked up. "

You hear a chair being thrown across the room, hitting pavel in the head. Bobby goes over to Pavel, and stares him down

I didn't mean to Mr. Balfour, it wasn't all my fault, I promise.

A loud scream is heard, followed by multiple other screams as Bobby begins to punch the man repeatedly in the face

"What the fuck do you have in this little bag?"

Bobby grabs three needles from his bag and sticks one into his arm, another into his forehead, and the last in his eye

"Hopefully one of those needles had some poison shit in it"

Pavel, screaming in pain, barely makes out his last words

One of those needles had potassium chloride in it, you-you motherfucker

Bobby leans over and spits in his face


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"oh god not another one. Goodbye Dr. F"

*Gator throws his radio down and wipes away a tear as he bandages his wounds. Upset at yet another one of his plantation friends dying*

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