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What song do I sing?

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Monday    125


I have a song recital in about a month for a song of my choice and it will be in front of all my friends, professors and my entire fucking college. 

And I can choose the song and stuff but I have a slight problem. I have no fucking clue what to sing ;)

I want to prepare maybe 5 days in advance so if you see this post 3 weeks later you should still be in time to make a suggestion, maybe I will sing your song aha :P

I will definitely record it happening, (so I can also be judged in front of the people who I play games with as well xD) and if I do end up picking a song up from here I will defo do an honorable mention if I can <3

Either way, thanks for being the kind of loving community which I talk about this stuff without being hated upon for something or other. It's rare to find that these days.

Many thanks! 


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Monday    125

Is there any particular genre or can it be anything?

I legitimately don't mind,

I'd prefer more obscure ones because I'd like to 'stand out from the crowd' if you get what I mean :P

but really choose anything you like!


No rick rolling. Ever.

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Monday    125


I heard it earlier today and it got stuck in my head. I might think of something else though.

I was half expecting you to reply with something rediculous aha, I know this song quite well though :)

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