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*Slowly cocks his rifle before pushing the PTT in his spare hand*

"I only help those in need, that is my purpose in this new world."

"However if you're going to threaten that then I'll be seeing you real soon..."

*Exhales slowly with a muffled tone before releasing the PTT*

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*groaning in pain and coughs* 

When you were the one who shot me and my friends in Camp Hope with your little friend...?

The guy who just rushed into the camp and start shooting there without saying anything... ?

Let me say that.

At least have balls and admit it.

Then I can come for you.

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Hope sarcastically replies on the radio.

"Ok. Good luck with that. Bye."

She turns on her side going back to sleep.

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I *Jack hears the voice on the radio, clearing his throat and pressing the PTT*

"Eh, fuck off bud."

*He rolls his eyes, releasing the PTT*

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Mack presses down the PTT.

"Not sure why you are even giving this cuck the light of day. Its clear he's looking to get a rise out of you.

You want him to go away? Ignore him."

He releases the PTT.

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*Julia hears the transmission as she is drifting off to sleep. Immediately her eyes jolt open and she reaches for the radio and depresses the PTT*

"Is that you? You creepy fucker? I don't know it's so hard to tell. Speak more! If it is you... I hope you know we tossed your shitty helmet into the woods. If only I had the chance to turn around and take a shot at you with my bow. Oh that woulda' given me a giggle! Seriously... speak up more!"

*She releases the PTT and starts to rock a little against a tree, constantly looking over her shoulder every couple of seconds to see if someone is watching.*

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*He flips a page while reading a book, leans back on the chair, holds down the PTT and responds*

He has a point , just ignore him.

He and his amigos are gonna get bored soon enough anyway.

*He flips another page*

I don't even know what LIFE could've done to you anyway , to piss you off that much.

But making threats over the radio, usually ends up pretty bad for ya.

*He chuckles, flips another page of the book and speaks under his breath*

This book is so shit..

*He releases the PTT button*

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*Xavier hears the words "LIFE" and stops what he is doing and turns up his radio, after hearing what was said he holds down the PTT button*

"You wanna make threats bud, well I got one for you. If you and your "buds" decide it will be a real good idea to come and fuck around with people that are trying to help, it will be the last thing you are thinking, and that isn't a threat, that is a promise. Who are you anyway?" 

*Xavier realeases the PTT button, grabs his gear and starts walking to Camp Hope* 

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*His grubby hands toying with an empty tin can which is quickly discarded. Nimble fingers glide over to a map which is stuffed into a larger satchel. From the corner of his eye he spots what he’s really been looking for*

Outstanding! You are going to make some people very happy.

*A grin stretches into a broad smile as he holds his prize, the clasp and lid clicking open. The compass, worn and tarnished, his diamond in the rough*

*He turns his radio on to inform the search party. Accusations and threats filter into the dark damp room from the squawking speaker*

*The man from Berezino press’s down the PTT button*

Listen here you fruit loop, If you or any of your friends come anywhere near me or mine you’re going to regret it.

*Releasing the PTT, he turns his radio off again. The compass is placed carefully into one of many pockets about his person.*

Time to head home and see what’s going on.

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*the man known as wolf comes on radio*

Alexander doesn't liked to be called crazy you accuse if of slanderous things after coming to make peace your man with police vest and shotgun threaten him saying his men have been ordered to kill him on sight if he comes back and when I appear before them telling him what is happing and as I leave they call Alexander crazy and a lunatic he told them if he called him that they would die

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*coughs into the radio*

That doesnt really answer my question if it was you and your little friend, who attacked us in camp without saying anything really.

So.... yes or no. 

Or to afraid to answer?

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Hope with a bored sounding tone replies to Lyca directly.

"Honestly Lyca, this man has been harassing my staff team for no reason with threats when really we never directly called him crazy. We asked if he was going crazy when he was screaming his head off for.... whatever reason after 10 minutes being civil to him. Just leave him in his fairy land, I'm done wasting oxygen on this person.

She sighs, waiting for the merlot Victor promised her. She really needed it.

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*He pushes the PTT*

Listen, mothafucka whoever you are.


You are cluttering up our equipment with your pointless shit!

If you carry on disrupting our operations I will personally find you



*Shaking with anger he releases the PTT*

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*Daniel Being woken up by his radio grabs it and flicks on the PTT*

*He farts down the radio*

Shut up you wet wipe , all you do is talk , talk, talk

go down there and do something , if you want I can hold your hand? Sing songs?

or just move on with your life , hate does no good

*Daniel flicks of the PTT* 

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*Listening for a while he decides to press the PTT button*

"Hmmm, such anger in your voice. Do you need a visit from the dentist? I have no patients at the moment and I really hate not being able to use my instruments on someone, even if they don't want me too..."

*Smiling, he hopes to find someone to use his expertise on soon*

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