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Shoutout to The Gein. [Open]

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*Victor turns on his radio* 

I know who you  are Michael Gein, I spared you today. I let you walk away without harm and even then you tried to trap me. I am not who I once was, a person you did not know. But I have changed, you will know the new me. Next time we meet it will not be as peaceful.

*Victor ends the transmission*

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*The Gein listens to the stupid man talk*

'Well..i did say that you shouldn't come along, but you fucking insisted, i did no such thing to lure your stupid ass into a trap.

Spare me the tough guy act. Come back to me when you get your balls back.

I've got shit to do...

*The gein mumbles to himself " Can't believe i wasted the fucking oxygen to even talk to this guy" 

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*Victor comes onto the radio after hearing a shitty responce*

"Ha ha you make me laugh you weak piece of shit. If I were to come for you now you would just outnumber me because you would bring your goon squad. I will just wait for you and when I finally get you where I want you..... I know someone who really wants to meet you. They will be the one to fuck you up. The only shit you got to do is hide because after I find you, your done for."

*Victor ends the transmission and walks away, setting out to find Gein.*

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