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Tips for my life [OPEN]

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*the wind is howling with no sign of life. Mick tries to write in his notes, but the paper that was given to him flies out of his hands and glides into a nearby pond. Mick gives an annoyed sign and pulls out his radio*

*The voice is high pitched; so much that you could mistake him for a nerdy child* Hello people of Chernarus. My name is Mick, and I am a former scientist and information gatherer. I spend most of my time studying the infected and how they work. It isn't a hobby, it is that I feel someone in the future could use my research to help save the world. I also watch other people, looking at their reactions to certain people joining the conversation, and seeing different attitudes that people have developed over the past years. Although I have been doing this for quite some time, I still have problems with what some people would call "spying". I know of some people that also do these kinds of things, I haven't been able to gather their name, but I know they are out there. Even if you aren't one of them, please. Is there some sort of more reliable way to do these things? I wan't to know a more efficient way of doing my job. You're support is much appropriated.


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