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Perma Pass

Guest Reniz

Should the server be password protected at all times?  

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Guest Reniz

Right so i want to make this small post regarding the password And i wanted to know who thinks what you all think?..

Should there be a permanent password on the server to avoid all the asshats that join the server and do retarded things, if ppl wish to join we can always have them join the forum as most wont take the time for that i know rolle is aginst it howeeveeer i want to know what your avrage player thinks?

So what do you think ?




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  • Server Manager

Yes, server will now be passworded, at least until the BattlEye releases new version.

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Guest StanOldMan

I've voted Yes, as i've said before, sadly the world is full of assholes..

And DayZ is full of little kiddies, that seeing "RP server" start to think "Oh..this server is full of crappy carebears..let's make some idiot scripts just to annoy them.."

And not only for hackers, sadly a lot of people see "RP server" and "Ban for excessive killing" and they start to kill only because is against the rules..

People are basically stupid sadly..So a different server, like this, i think will need the permapass, also after the Battleye update (obviously this is only my opinion, the last call is on Rolle)

But i've said to him before, i've a friend that host a total friendly private server, where actually the single kill can lead to a perma ban, and soon he has to put a password for all the stupid people that are online, that think to be better than others only because they can use some stupid scripts..

See ya!

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  • Titanium

Don't necro threads that are well over 2 years old....

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