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Leo [Open Frequency]

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*Billie looks around, she knows something is wrong and starts shaking. She quickly takes out her radio and starts talking, she wants to contact her group but has no time to change the frequency. She sounds scared.*

I need help. Now. I am between...

*The transmission ends*

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*Leo grabs his radio as fast as he can while panicking*

Ms. Billie?!? Are you ok??? I need location, details fast!!!

*Sits in silence for 15 seconds which felt like a eternity*

Ms. Tones?!? Please dont die on me!! You cant!!

*Sits in silence and tries to get up biting through the pain from the torture he endured*

*Gets up and keeps his radio on this frequency, volume on max listening for any evidence on the open air*

*He starts to run into the last direction he saw her in, making sure  to keep an eye out for any trace of her tracks*

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