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Can you get blacklisted for underage twice?

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I have just recntly experinced a blacklist for underage and after I have proven that im 16, the blacklist was taken off, but the problem is that I dont think i have anymore whitelist application attempts other than the one i have just sent, im not going to break any rules, but since i had one underage blacklist, can i get another?

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Underage blacklists can be lifted. However if you are out of whitelist application attempts, you might have to go and make a ban appeal for a final and sixth attempt.

But you cannot get blacklisted for being underage twice unless concrete evidence comes up that proves you are indeed underage.

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Autumn nailed it right on the spot, the only thing you could do now is making a ban appeal and asking for one last chance to the whitelist.

You can make a ban appeal right here:


Make sure to use the right template trough which you can find here:


With that beign said i am going to mark this as solved.


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