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Gina Lewis

Danny Monday! [Open Freq]

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*After blowing her nose and clearing her face of tears she reaches for her radio with shaky hands*

"Danny! Please Danny Dammit pick up!!"

"Danny Monday!!!!" 

*sniffles and shallow short breaths are taken*

"For anyone else out there that is listening..  

One of my fellow friends is missing.... Danny Monday.  He must have either lost his radio... OR...

*She lets go of the PTT for a few seconds... takes a deep shaky breath....and Continues*

We...we .. are not just sure what has happen.. as we were traveling from the area of tents of the airfield, towards the well of the south side,

*another short breath*

and we just...we lost track of him. I mean this  isn't uncommon for him to wonder but, it is for him to not, follow us when we are headed to a watering hole.  We always stay together to refill our containers.... (in a small soft voice) always... 

*uncontrollable crying is heard for a few and then she tries speaking again with a slit hiccup stutter now*

We have spent most the night and day searching the immediate area and WE..WE....we...FOUND HIs hat!!! HE would NEVER leave his hat.. He spent a long time making THIs cow skin hat.

~She is holding the hat in her lap, rubbing the rim between her fingers watching her tears drop onto it

 We continued to search the following towns and are currently searching his favorite hunting areas.  Please PLEASE keep your eyes open for him.. he is a soft soul and means a lot to me. So this also goes out to anyone that comes across him.. please approach with caution. As any of us after a while we are not all that umm stable... And let him know to meet us at "our area"..Let Him know we are looking for him.  I will be in our area every night at dusk......waiting.. Please Danny make it home safe.

*Gina releases PTT*

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*Moses hears the worry in the woman's voice and press the PTT button*

"I will keep my eyes open for your friend, Danny Monday you say? I hope you find him safe and well. I will pass the message onto the rest of my group and hopefully we will get some information for you. I do hope that it will be good news".

*He write the name on a old battered note pad*

"Stay safe out there, Moses out".

*Lets go of the PTT button and puts the notepad back in his pocket then begins to walk to the meeting point* 

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*Gina grabs for the Radio with hope*

"Thank you, for helping spread the word.....It...it does mean a lot to us"

*She releases the Radio scans the open field one more time*

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Cappa JoeBavio III listens to the radio call and begins to light a cigarette before he answers.

Joe then presses his PTT and speaks into the shoulder mic.

This is Joe, we of the Free People's Republic will be searching for your lost man. we will contact you if any information about Danny comes to us. Rest assured you have many people looking on the coast.

Joe then takes another drag from his cigarette before he continues.

Our radio frequency is 59.7 if you need any updates from us. Those who are lost hath found the path to freedom free from the strife of our current reality. Virtus et gloria.

Joe Ends his communication and finishes his cigarette, then picks up his gear. Looking towards the rising sun he begins walking down the tracks from the places he to which he has gone, only to being his search.

Joe walked only a little while before stopping to think to himself "So.... I get to be a detective again." then smiles and continues walking.

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*Listens to the radio, not sure but grips her Rifle, pressing down the PTT button*

'Sounds intresting

*Releases the PTT button*

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*As he listens to the broadcast, he writes the mans name and last known location on a sheet of paper filled with notes. He picks up his radio*

That's troubling news, I'm sorry to hear about the disappearance of your friend. My name is Doctor West.  Does this 'Danny' have any known medical conditions which could have caused this, perhaps some kind of proclivity to confusion which lead him to wander off like that? Any history of mental illness such as depression? Had he been acting... unusual at all? I'll keep a lookout for this friend of yours, best of luck.

*Putting down the radio, he bites his pen and glances at the infected paramedic shuffling outside the window and groaning mindlessly*

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*Gina leans into radio to hear clearer*

 "Doctor West, thank you for your concern, my name is Gina, to answer your question about Danny having Medical Conditions.... um no ...He has no "Medical Conditions" that would cause him to wonder off.  He does wonder often but as I said not like this and not at that moment.  There is time that we are always together and going to a watering whole mid day is one of them. He isn't a people person and keeps to hims self for the most part. Even tho he wonders he always stays ....with us or..or.. at least around us."

~A fresh wave of tears comes over her..

"Thanks again for the concern and for the help...."

*She releases the PTT*

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*Rick squeezes the mic, not wanting to utter the words he is about to speak*

"Gina", *a lengthy pause and a long breath as he faces the dread of his words* "I have searched Danny's favorite hunting stands and hideaways. I have found no sign of him or his recent presence. We won't stop looking until we find him. Please, try not to worry."

*He drops the PTT and looks at the horizon.*

He utters to himself "No idea where in the hell to look next"

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*Gina is relieved to hear this voice*

"OK dear, Please be careful out there, ..."

~Gina tries to remember where the meeting place was to be.to tell Rick...?.?...

"Um... we are meeting up we we normally do after dark...? ... Sorry Rick my mind is a little flustered atm I can't remember what we call that area...

~Laughing she says

.well I guess it is better I don't say the name on Open Freq. anyway.... See you soon and we will re group before i head back out to search again" 

*she puts down the radio and finishes her dear steak*

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