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Something I want to share (My Teenage Love Story)

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So I would like to post a few disclaimers before writing. 1.) I have already typed this out multiple times, but I will be editing/ changing a few things so that it fits for you guys and not just my school teacher. it was once a school assignment of mine to write a memoir about something currently going on in my life, this is what I wrote about. 2.) This is a subject I still feel strongly about so please be polite. 3.) Thank you to everyone for letting me be a part of this community, I love each and every one of you, if not for how awesome you guys are I wouldn't be sharing this with all of you! 4.) I have some music to set the mood on how I feel about the situation and how I felt at the time here:

  5.) Pictures will be last, at the bottom. 6.) I will not finish this all in one night, there is so much to write, when I actually finish it I will put a big ass The End so that everyone knows.

Page 1

  So for you who do not know me, my name is Isaiah (Descendants), I live in Ohio, and this is my story. It all started in October 10th, 2015 on homecoming night. Maddy and Conner picked me up at my house then we went to a nursing home to take our homecoming pictures. We met Amanda and Caroline there when we arrived. We took our pictures in front of a pretty fountain that had flowers all around it. We exchanged corsages and boutonnieres and proceeded to take many more pictures.

  After we took pictures, we went to the China Inn and had a nice dinner. We met Zane their when we arrived, we all sat at the same table together. We sat across from our corresponding date, so it went as such: Caroline and Conner, Amanda and Zane, then Maddy and I. After our meals the ladies went to use the restroom, so being proper gentlemen like ourselves, we payed for their meals. (Conner just used his mom's money though ;)  ) After we left the restaurant we had 20-30 minutes to kill before the dance. We decided to go screw off inside CVS Pharmacy for about 15 minutes or so, we were just screwing around, blasting music from our phones. eventually we bought some gum and danced out.

  When we arrived at the dance we stood in line to enter, we were towards the front of the line. When we got up to the front we handed the lady our tickets. Seeing as Zane and Conner were behind us talking to eachother and I was up front with the girls, the lady said to me "you brought three dates?" I then replied with a "yep, but I only want one" referring to Maddy. She blushed and had a huge grin on her face, as 10 girls around us all said "awe" almost simultaneously. After the girls dropped off their shoes so that they didn't have to dance in heels, we got to the dance floor. We met up with Lacey, Christian, and Hailey almost as soon as we got in the door.  After walking around a bit trying to find a spot to make our own and put our stuff down, we eventually found a nice area by the photo area. We decided we should take pictures before dancing, so the six of us (Maddy, Caroline, Amanda, Zane, Conner, and I) all piled in for some formal pictures. Conner and I asked our dates if they wanted to dance and they said yes.

  As Maddy and I were making our way into the crowd to dance, we got towards the middle where we saw two kids grinding, Maddy shrieked and ran away as I just laughed. We then decided it would be a good idea to stay away from the middle and dance on the outer edge of the crowd. But after about 30 minutes or so we had formed a crowd of our own. Except our crowd was full of people who didn't grind on each other! It seemed like only Maddy, Caroline, Conner, and I were dancing, everyone else seemed to be nowhere to be found. Homecoming was not all fun and dancing though, even though about 80% of it was. We spent a good quarter of the dance either trying to find, or cheer up Amanda. I had a feeling on why she was upset and she later confirmed my suspicion but I will get to that later. While homecoming queen and king were being announced, I told Maddy not to listen to them, because she was my queen, she than smiled and said I was her king.

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[align=left]  After the dance ended we all walked out together. It was cold out so I was holding Maddy close to me to keep her warm. When we got out out front near the parking lot, we sat on a bench and waited on Conner/Maddy's mom to pick us up. Conner and I took our dress shirts off and gave them to our dates, since we didn't have jackets. And I tell you what, I draped my tie around Maddy's neck and she looked absolutely beautiful with her blue dress, glasses glowing from the parking lot lights, wearing my shirt and tie as a jacket. I told her "I would have told you how beautiful you are earlier, but you look this beautiful every day". She got a huge smile on her face and said thanks. By this time it was only everyone had left except for Maddy, Conner, and I.

[align=left]  I stayed the night at Maddy and Conner's house that night. I hugged Maddy goodnight then went to Conner's room where we watched Netflix, talked about Maddy and Caroline, then slept. The next morning their mom Tiffany made us a delicious breakfast. Maddy came out of her room wearing nothing but a t-shirt and short shorts, hair all messy from sleeping, but the thing was, messy hair, tired eyes, and all, just as much as she did the night before. After breakfast and everyone got ready, we went to Maddy's little siblings' football game.

[align=left]  Brody plays football and Alaina is a cheerleader. Aftrer the game we all went to Subway. Brody got a puzzle out of his kids meal, Maddy and I did it together after we were all done eating. It only took us a few minutes, but by the time we finished, everyone was already in the car waiting on us. Later that day we went to their grandma's for a cookout. We played tether ball, ate hamburgers, played piano (I am a piano god), and made a fort for the little ones. The cookout was fun, but I could tell Maddy was being distant, which confused me from how she acted the night before. 

[align=left]To be Continued...

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