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Taiga Dominion Open Freq, [113.9]

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*Xen begins talking on the radio*

Anyone listening. Me and some people are offering contract services. If you need someone do to some work, contact us on this frequency and we will discuss a meeting place. So, you know, your contract can be terminated at any time if we feel that you are a threat or not a loyal customer.

All contractors will be in touch with us and notify us if there is trouble with the contract. If a contractor is killed or hurt during a contract because of your doing, you will be blacklisted permanently from our services. We will know, we will find out and we will not allow people to abuse our services.

Contracts are to be kept secret and we will never tell anyone what you ask of us. We will never give your name out. We will never disclose any information that you provide us to anyone else.

If you have any questions please ask and we will answer them as soon as possible.

*He places the radio down and eats his can of beanz and listens for any replies*

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*Xen replies*

"There is no catch. We negotiate payment as the contract is being fulfilled. You give us work, we ask for a payment in return. Simple."

*He waits for a response*

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*Boss Lady giggles, and presses the PPT button*

"well, well... you might come in handy even tho it might come with a risk, it wont of course by my doing but by those who choose not to comply...

"surely i cant be held accountable for something like that... i mean its a dangerous world with dangerous jobs...

"will that be a problem?

*Releases the PPT button*

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