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Mae Govannen

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Greetings and Salutations friends!

I am Bow, or Arvedui, the last king of Arnor. Today I have come to join thee in thine roleplaying adventure!

Jokes aside, hello lads n' lasses. After many a-time off, enough time off to render this not a rejoinig, but a joining. I have (hopefully) come to join in the great RP of this community. When it became known to me DayzRP fully transistioned into the standalone I could not resist any longer and (re)applied.

A little bit about me?

I am a dutchman from the magical province of North Holland, hailing from but a small village which' name I will not disclose for privacy reasons.


(that is here)

On average I am a pretty dull person, other than my great interest in RP my hobbies lie in gaming, fantantasy and science fiction focussing mostly on Tolkiens work and the Star Wars Saga. I played Counter-Strike competetively for roughtly a year as well, stopping at the rank of Legendary Eagle (After rank patch). Furthermore I great enjoy strategy games be it Civilisation, Total war or things such as Age of empires and Empire at war. I'll play virtually anything that is well made though.

My pets are a cat, who refuses to be touched and my sisters Demon manifsted in a hamster, my family as a whole is quite nice. My parents are together still and my sister and I are on good terms.

Further interests of mine include writing structurally flawed posts, fine dining and sleeping.. and that is about it.

If you have questions, or require tips about RP (for I consider myself an adequately skilled roleplayer) I will be happy to oblidge as long as it does not invade what I consider my privacy.


(I will be happy to join you)

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Welcome to the community :)

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Hello. Welcome.

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Hellu and welcome, hope you have fun.

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welcome friend

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Sindarin as well, though I am quite inexperienced at both languages.

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What a structually flawed post! Welcome to the community.



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