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Bloody handprint

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KainElderan    1

Kain fell against the tree, blood seeping between his fingers that were held against the wound in his side. Nausea swept through him, making his head swim and his vision blur. Pushing away from the tree, leaving a bloody handprint on it's bark, he took several steps before he collapsed to the ground. Pain and agony washed over him as his eyes looked towards the clear blue sky, wondering if after all this time it was finally the end. To meet his end at the hands of his own kind and not the undead seemed somehow worse, a sad and somber fact that many faced in this mad world. 

His thoughts drifted back to his days as a police officer, before the world turned upside down and the dead came to life. His wife Madison, carrying his unborn daughter. If there was one thing he could be thankful for, it was that she had never seen what the world became, due to the accident. He thought at the time that his world was ended, when he lost them so suddenly. How wrong he had been. Burying the pain of loss in alcohol led to his dismissal from the force, but his training helped when the world was torn asunder by the walking dead. When the call went out for help, he volunteered - surely he could help, and if he lost his life helping others... at least it would take away the pain, right? 

That had been a couple years ago. As his vision blurred even further, he saw a dark shape appear over him. He thought he could hear gunshots as darkness descended.

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Daisy    108

Wow, that is very well written, I feel like I want to go on reading now. Good character, hope that you'll be whitelisted and on the servers soon.

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