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This thing on..?

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Hi all,

New here to DayZ RP. Old player from the original mod days, I didn't care for standalone when it came out but I've seen a lot of improvement so thought I would give it another try but this time in a decent community without all the random KoS. I used to admin a fairly popular mod server called Walking Zed, had lots of good times but eventually real life took me away. Anyways I look forward to interacting with you all ingame, pending my whitelist approval once it's submitted.

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Hello and welcome! ;)

I wish you good luck with your whitelist!

Please make sure you read these 2 pages very good.

The FAQ & The Newcomer Guide.

I also can recommend you to take a look at the Guides & Tutorials for some tips to get around.

Don't forget to post somewhere in the active forums. Otherwise you will maybe lose your account.

(  The active forums means all forums besides Introduction forums and all forums under Offtopic category. )

If you have any questions you can join The Helpdesk " Waiting For Staff Help " on TS and a kind Community Helper will assist you.

Or of course you can make a Question Thread.

Have fun on The DayZRP Community joking.png

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Thanks. I've done quite a bit of reading over those and still managed to flub one of the questions even though I was reading it. Little tricky wording, but I'm not one to complain, I am glad to see a filter to keep out the unsavory types. I'm one of the few that played the mod in it's early days before everyone was KoS. Some of my best gaming memories have come from DayZ, hopefully can make some new ones soon.

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Welcome to DayzRP :)

I hope you have better luck next time on your whitelisting! :)

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Hello, nice that you've decided to give Standalone a shot. I personally think it is 100% worth it, although I've never been playing the mod and cannot compare it. Anyway, have a nice time here and best of luck with your whitelist! See you around and hopefully in game! :)

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