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Alone again (backstory)

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Jay Jatan was a simple computer systems analyst who worked for a major IT company in Canada, before the outbreak. 

He lived a very simple life, and was generally happy as a hard working bachelor. Making a good salary, and rarely saying no to an opportunity to advance his career; he accepted a transfer to the newly founded development branch in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. 

Things were going well for him until the news started reporting a strange virus had been spreading. People started dying, and soon the panic set in. He remembers it like it was yesterday. 

Sitting in his apartment, listening to distant screams and gunfire. Military helicopters and vehicles passing by, futilely trying to control the spread. Jay barricaded his apartment, and waited for the sickness to take him. But it never did. Even when all those around him were lost to infection, he remained. Alone, and scared. 

One morning he was startled awake by the sounds of radio static just outside his barricaded door. He could hear the muffled speech of a soldier trying to contact his unit, but there was no response from the other side. By the sound of his voice, the soldier was clearly injured and in pain, so Jay opened his door to give aid. 

The two became good friends over the months to come, and Jay learned much from the soldier. 

The soldier taught him how to move silently, and how to fire a weapon, as well as basic first aid training. He would routinely leave the apartment to find supplies, and always came back before dark. Until one day, he didnt return. 

Jay knew he was dead, and now he was alone again. 

His rations eventually dwindled, and he was forced to leave his home, and face his fears.. And they were all too real. 2 years have passed since then, and Jay has utilized the skills taught to him by his mentor. He has learned to survive, How to keep quiet, and even how to kill when absolutely necessary. Left hardened and bitter from the events that have unfolded, he continues to follow routine. Always moving forward with the will to survive. Trying to secure a future for himself, even if it is a bleak one. 

The final pages of his story have yet to be written.

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