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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
TODAY - 2018-02-20 00:00:00 (server time) - Starts in 19 hours, 41 minutes
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Hey all, name's Will, I used to play with ya'll on my brother in law's account for a short time, Now I'm in the process of getting whitelisted again so hopefully I can see you all in game and get to know ya'll :).

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Hello and welcome (back?)!

Quick question, why do you have a new account if you were already playing on the servers?

Anyway good luck with the whitelist!

Make sure you read these 2 pages very good.

The FAQ & The Newcomer Guide.

And take a look at the Guides & Tutorials for some tips to get around.

If you have any questions just join The Helpdesk " Waiting For Staff Help " on TS and a kind Community Helper will assist you.

Or you can make a Question Thread.

Have fun on The DayZRP Community.

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I used to play on my brother in law's computer when I lived with him and my sister back when he used to play this. Now that I moved and started my new job I decided to start my own account. Thanks for the welcome back and hopefully i'll see you guys in game

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