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Ray's tales of the times

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... as you turn your eyes back down from the night sky you see an old-timer sitting on his sleeping bag. 

"Come closer," the wrinkled finger invites you "come closer young man, let me tell you a story of Ray and Samantha of the United Nations." 

You look at him, scared at first, but then decide to approach the friendly, but beaten by time old man. 

You offer him a zip to drink which he refuses "Sit boy, sit..." 

You sit down across the fireplace that the old man had struggled to light up. You slide a box of matches from the pocket and light the fire for him. 

"Mmmm..." the old man moans with a slight smile under his heavily bearded face "... good boyo..." 

"My name is Ray Edgy, " he starts his sotry "I'm one of the five UN members sent to investigate when it all started..." 

(Continues here)


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